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Eight Billion Genies #7 (of 8)

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“We’ve seen the first eight years after G-day – now, we’ll visit the FIRST EIGHT DECADES, as our characters live, love, grow, change and die in a world transformed forever by the appearance of *eight billion genies* eighty years before. Brace yourself – this one’s a heartbreaker.”

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    Major Spoilers

    Perhaps the best moment of Eight Billion Genies #7 is the moment where the leering, animated moon we’ve been seeing for half the series finally becomes important to the story in a most satisfying and EC-Comics-gruesome way, but the fusion of art and script into a wonderful storytelling engine makes for a most satisfying chapter, earning a dead-solid 5 out of 5 stars overall. This issue is good enough that, even though I usually dislike adaptations, I’m excited to see if Amazon Studios can really bring this one to life.

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    Grab those tissues as ‘Eight Billion Genies’ #7 brings all the heartache as this penultimate issue begins to tie up the lives of the cast of characters in order to prepare for the ultimate conclusion to this wish-filled saga. Another emotional character-focused bout of wild fantastical human nature-centric adventures brought to colorful sensational life.

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    Playing like a montage, Eight Billion Genies #7 rapidly advances through the narrative, playing out decades within the span of one single issue. Though there’s one more issue left, this issue feels like the definitive conclusion given virtually all character arcs are wrapped up by the time the back cover closes. That said, the creators behind the comic tease “the ultimate wish” in the finale next month, enough promise to keep this reader in tune for one last ride.

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