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Edge Of Spider-Verse #2 (of 4)

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Welcome to Spider-High, the most dangerous high school on Earth. Gluemy Miller is the new kid, and things aren’t looking good for him making it through his first year there with the villainous teachers actually trying to kill him. On the bright side, he may have a shot with the cute cheerleader, but who is the mysterious and deadly SPOOKER-MAN?! CYBORG SPIDER-MAN returns! The coolest Spider-Suit from the ’90s has gone underused for TOO LONG! Don’t miss the most kick-ass Spider-Character’s star turn!

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    The dual stories featured in Edge of Spider-Verse include an eerie Spidey tale introducing Spooky-Man, and the return of Cyborg Spider-Man. The Spooky-Man story is fun for its rhythmic dialogue and the redesign of the Sinister Six. I really enjoyed the art in the Cyborg Spider-Man story, which also gave us a cyborg-themed Sinister Six.

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