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Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 (of 4)

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The now perennial Spider-Hit is back as we start the build to the biggest Spider-Versal story we’ve EVER DONE! We all know who Weapon X is, but WHO IS WEAPON VIII?! In their universe, when Weapon X escapes from his facility, they call on their greatest previous success to get him back. SPIDER-BYTE RETURNS! You may not have realized that the digital avatar Spider-Character who made her big screen debut in Across the Spider-Verse came from the comics first! She’s back in comics now and you don’t want to miss her!

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34 pages
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  • 95


    Overall, this is a must-read for Spider-Man fanatics like myself. Two solid stories and a primer for another larger tale combine for a highly entertaining return to the wonderment and excitement of the Spider-Verse.

  • 60

    It’s always fun when Marvel brings back the Edge of Spider-Verse anthology series, because it allows readers to catch up with the favorite Spider heroes, while also meeting new additions to the franchise. It allows creativity in coming up with these new takes on established characters, and plays into the whole multiverse theme that’s taken over pop culture recently. While it’s fun to reunite with Spider-Byte after her appearance in Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse, the real draw is the Spider-Society that Spider-Man 2099 is caught in the web of. I can’t wait to see where all that is heading.

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