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Edge Of Spider-Verse #4 (of 4)

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The new spider-character from the hit DEADLY NEIGHBORHOOD SPIDER-MAN miniseries returns in her first solo adventure!

ALSO: What if that radioactive spider we all know and love bit…J. JONAH JAMESON?!

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33 pages

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    At the end, I don’t really know what the point of Edge of Spider-Verse was. Was it just random Spider stories? Was it meant to be some connected web as the final story in this final issue sort of tries to suggest? In either case, the series never really succeeded and this issue sort of is a pretty strong example why. The first story, featuring Dream-Spider is weird, but interesting (B. Earl and Taboo do a great job writing this.) “The Spider-Reporter of Earth-1755” is a hot mess which is sad considering Daniel Kibblesmith is usually a lot of fun and while “Charging Station” isn’t bad, it just feels really out of the blue. Everything here is just really uneven and for this to be a web, it’s all just very untethered.

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