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Edge Of Spider-Verse #3 (of 4)

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After her hit debut in MILES MORALES: SPIDER-MAN, Miles’ sister Billie Morales’s alter ego is still needed in the Empire of the Spider! Plus, the origin of the secret Spider-Character who debuted in SPIDER-MAN #7 is told here!

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    As the stories in this round of Edge of Spider-Verse have gone, Edge of Spider-Verse #3 is pretty solid all around – provided that you have frame of reference for them. This is particularly true for the first story, Dan Slott’s “Nobody Knows Who You Are” featuring Spider-Boy. And in a sense, that’s really sort of the big thing about most of the stories in this series overall: if you don’t have a frame of reference or a strong knowledge of these characters (well, the ones that aren’t brand new at least) and what ground has been covered with them before, these stories don’t make a ton of sense. They’re just little snapshots and they almost don’t seem to be going anywhere beyond just highlighting a range of characters that don’t get a ton of follow up. That is particularly bothersome when you read David Betancourt’s “Hermanita” featuring Spider-Smasher which has some fascinating things that feel like the start of good story. So, as an individual issue and individual stories? These are good. But as the larger part of a whole? It would be nice to see some more to this than just random snapshots that may or may not pay off.

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    Many will be drawn to Edge of Spider-Verse #3 since it promises some much-needed details about Spider-Boy. In general, this series continues to have fun exploring alternate takes on Spider-Man, making the Spider-Verse richer for it.

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    Edge of Spider-Verse #3 is a mixed bag of a comic, with a strong script and fairly consistent art for the Spider-Smasher story, and a hollow execution of Spider-Boy’s next installment. Of the two, it’s a shame that Spider-Smasher does not have an ongoing plot or title, as it tells the more interesting story that remixes known continuity and characters to new effect. With the right push, it could be the next Renew Your Vows or Spider-Gwen and give Miles a boost by fleshing out his supporting cast’s staying power.

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