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Edge Of Spider-Verse #1 (of 4)

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SPIDER-REX returns and faces the VENOMSAURUS! PLUS – WHO IS THE SPIDER-KILLER?! Zander Cannon introduces the world to the scariest Spider-Character EVER CREATED!!! Bringing your favorite breakout characters back, as well as introducing brand new Spiders who will blow your mind!

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32 pages
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  • 90

    Edge of Spider-Verse #1 contains two stories that are very different from one another, but there’s something about these two very different tales — one weird and one very noir-esque that just works. In the first story, we get Spider-Rex and it is honestly a breath of fresh air. While the art feels very rooted in the 1990s (not a bad thing, really) there’s so much humor here. You’ve got Spider-Rex going against Venomsaurus and it’s bonkers and weird and it’s paced with just the right amount of action and humor. Then, you have Spider-Killer, that is dark, a little scary, a little twisted, and just as well-written. Issues like this, that contain little vignettes, can be hit or miss, but this is definitely a hit with two stories that are fully well crafted, just in totally different ways.1

  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Edge of Spider-Verse #1 contains 2 vastly different versions of the Web-slinger. If you’re a fan of dinosaurs or happen to like gritty, noir detective-type stories with a creepy flair to them, this comic is for you. It has humor as well as suspense and mystery. Perhaps these versions of the web-slinger will be seen again in future issues of this series or elsewhere. Who is your favorite alternate Spider-Man?

  • 80

    Comic Crusaders

    Wow, things have really gotten wacky in the Spider-Verse last I read a Spider-man book. This book is quite a rollercoaster, it features two stories of our favorite web-slinger Peter Parker, however, it is not Peter Parker at all, but instead a dino version of the webbed hero known as Spider-Rex and a version of Spidey that is more spider than human called Spider-Killer.

  • 80

    Impulse Gamer

    Pretty much just chose this one for the cover as the dinosaur Spiderman concept seemed like something that had not been explored as yet. With the new animated movie about to come out soon they will be exploring a lot more different storylines even more than they have already.

    This one was a lot more humorous in the first story but makes up for it in the second being one of the darker stories I have seen for a while. Not sure what was the decision that made them put both of the stories together they kind of clang and not sure if it works so well. People wanting the lighter story will be turned off by the darker one and those wanting darker will be annoyed someone is not being serious.

    Still interesting enough that I would get this one just to try it out and if you don’t like one of the stories you like the other one.

  • 60


    Offering tales of various Spider-Man-ish characters from across the multiverse, a new volume of Edge of the Spider-Verse begins here with… dinosaurs? “Enter Kraventooth the Hunter” offers us a tale of Spider-Rex battling Kraventooth the Hunter who is using the hero’s family for bait and sees the creation of Venomsaurus Rex who is knocked into a tar pit. It’s as crazy and silly as it sounds. Definitely a niche comic for those wanting all the Spidey-related content they can get their hands on, but far from a must-read.

    The back-up story “Curse of the Spider-Killer” takes us to Earth-90215, a noir world where Harold Osborn and Ms. Jameson deal with various thugs and dangers while on the story of the Spider-Killer (which doesn’t end well for the giant eight-legged version of Spidey in this reality). Where I think the main story drags on a few pages too many for what’s basically a one-joke world, this one could have used room to flesh out the world more.

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