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Edge of Spider-Verse #2 (of 5)

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Gwen Stacy as Spider-Woman! In one universe, it wasn’t Peter Parker bitten by the radioactive spider, but Gwen Stacy! She’s smart, charming and can lift a car, just don’t tell her Police Chief father! How is she involved in Spider-Verse?

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    Comic Vine

    EOS:GS:SW nods appropriately to familiar Spidey characters and lore, but twists the script enough that it’s really something of its own. The mark of a good What If? story is its ability to balance the existing continuity with bold, exciting ideas, and this issue really lands. I can’t wait to see more Spider-Gwen in ASM #9, and I’m glad that this book was at the top of my pile this week.

  • 100

    I want a series featuring Gwen Stacy, The Spectacular Spider-Woman written by Jason Latour and illustrated by Robbi Rodriguez. I really, really want it. Marvel Comics has captured lightning in a bottle with this issue. It’s sleek, smart, and so damn cool. I simply don’t have enough superlatives for what Latour and Rodriguez have created here. So I’ll leave it at this: buy Edge of Spider-Verse #2. And after you too fall in love, make sure to write in and let Marvel know that you want an ongoing Gwen Stacy, The Spectacular Spider-Woman series.

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    Comics: The Gathering

    Exciting is probably the best word to describe this issue. As previously mentioned its smooth action is gripping, but the character dynamics are also compelling. We all know who Gwen Stacy is, but this Gwen Stacy is much more multi-faceted and dynamic and it’s impossible to not want to see what she does next.

  • 100


    There are reveals, large and small in this issue. Latour reveals unpredictable cameos and creates major revelations that have plenty of story to explore in a full series. Fans of Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, Storm and She-Hulk may find a kindred spirit of justice and perseverance in this Gwen Stacy. Of course, at the very end we are reminded of the larger story that will bring this Spider-Woman into the larger battle to protect the heroes across the Spider-verse. Of course, more Spider-Gwen is always going to be a great thing. Everyone, be they a Spider-Man fan or not, should try and enjoy the empowerment of this book.

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    Major Spoilers

    Even if tie-ins and big event books are not your thing, it really is worth your while to pick up Edge of Spider-Verse #2. It is a refreshingly familiar look at Gwen Stacy and the Spider Mantle, it’s beautiful and it’s only 22 pages.

  • 90

    Doom Rocket

    Jason Latour has said, “superheroes are about empowerment. Idealism should be inclusive.” A reaction this massive and immediate to a single issue of a comic book shows how starved the female comics’ audience (which exists! I promise!) is for a fun superhero comic all of us can read without having to deal with over-sexualized costumes and depictions, or being written-down to. Between this, Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel, and the Distinguished Competition’s upcoming redesign/soft-relaunch of Batgirl, comics are finally starting to feel like a place where I don’t get the side-eye when I walk in the door. And it’s a nice feeling, actually.

  • 90

    Comic Book Herald

    Ultimately, Gwen Stacey is every bit as enjoyable a Spider as I hoped she would be. Ironically, my only concern is ‘Spider-Verse’ – I really hope Gwen makes it out of the event alive, and that we get the chance to explore her world some more.

  • 89


    This comic had pretty tremendous expectations set by readers ahead of time, and luckily, it lives up to them in full. Latour introduces this new version of Gwen beautifully. She’s a fully-realized character in a fully-realized world. That he creates this character and this world in just one issue is astounding. Even more impressive is the way he makes the reader beg for more. If Marvel doesn’t commission further Spider-Gwen adventures, they’re missing out on printing money. And let’s not forget the astounding art team of Robbi Rodriguez and colorist Rico Renzi. These two have done the work that is going to put them on the map in this book. Gwen’s world is stunningly realized and spider action hasn’t looked this great in ages. Rodriguez and Renzi bring out the best in each other’s work and hopefully will be paired together as often as possible in the future. All in all, Edge of Spider-Verse #2 is a can’t-miss. Hopefully it won’t be the last we see of Spider-Gwen.

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    Nerds On The Rocks

    Such a fun ride and great artwork. Looking forward to seeing more of Spider-Gwen in Amazing Spider-Man #9!

  • 85


    This is a stellar origin story issue that is just fresh enough to be worth a look. It’s definitely a take on the original origin, but it’s fun and fresh because the character’s voice is so strong.

  • 80

    Graphic Policy

    It doesnt end up being quite as much of a disappointment, as even as a non-fan of the characters part of the Marvel Universe, that this is still an interesting and even fun read. The problem more so is that it feels at the same time like a missed opportunity. I have not read the first issue of this series, but if each Spider-Man is only a slightly different version of the character, with basically the same origin story told, then it would seem as though the creative staff is not challenging themselves enough. This thus becomes most evident in the artwork as compared to the writing. The artistic team here was willing to break all the rules for the new character, but the writing team stuck to what already made sense, and the payoff is evidently just not as good as it could be.

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