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Earthdivers #11

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Join or die! New York Times bestselling author Stephen Graham Jones and artist Davide Gianfelice are back in action for the next chapter of their heart-pounding historical sci-fi slasher EARTHDIVERS!

A team of time traveling Indigenous survivors had one goal: save the world from an American apocalypse by sending one of their own on a suicide trip to kill Christopher Columbus and course-correct world history. Mission accomplished? Maybe not. Blood is still soaking into the sands of San Salvador as Tad’s friends suffer the consequences of his actions—and their own slippery moral rationalizations—620 years in the future. Faced with a choice to watch the world crumble or double down on their cause, the path is clear for Seminole two-spirit Emily: it’s personal now, and there’s no better time and place to take another stab at America than Philadelphia, 1776. But where violence just failed them, she has a new plan: pass as a man, infiltrate the Founding Fathers, and use only wit and words to carve out a better future in the Declaration of Independence. No need to cut throats this time… right?

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    First off, I have to give big props to the creative team for including a multi-page recap of the series events that led to this new jumping on point for new readers. It makes picking up these kinds of stories so much more accessible. If at first you don’t succeed at changing America through time-travel shenanigans, take another crack at it, right? That’s what our cast has decided to do after one of their own murdered Christopher Columbus. I will say I’m enjoying this different route of changing history through the Declaration of Independence compared to Tad’s failed journey.

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