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Earth-Prime #6: Hero's Twilight (of 6)

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A threat has been amassing forces from across time and universes. Their plan is to finally free humanity from their dependency on these so-called heroes. All these beings do is bring about pain and destruction everywhere they go, solving no issues and bringing no peace to the world. Instead, this being will bring the hero community to its knees, and finally help society reach its true potential. The Age of Heroes is over.

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  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    This crossover was exciting, but more explanation needed to be given, and several heroes seemed to be underutilized. Hopefully, this will spawn more Arrowverse comics in the future, especially since most of these shows have since gotten canceled anyway.
  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 70

    Geek Dad

    The cameos are great, and some characters like Superman get fairly profound moments. The cliffhanger is strong, but seems unlikely to ever be followed up on, which leaves us in a weird place as it wraps.
  • 70

    Superman Homepage

    While the ending of this story arc, which started in "Earth Prime #1," is action packed, the reader is thrown into a story that's been months in the making. I suppose reading the other issues would help. But while I read the "Superman & Lois" book as well as "Legends of Tomorrow" and "The Flash" ones, other then some introductions it doesn't seem to fill the gap. The Legends book I read only for preparation for this review and it was almost incomprehensible. I suppose if I watched the show I'd understand more. It also doesn't explain why Clark isn't Superman and is reluctant to help. The whole book seems to be a test for Impulse and XS (which they pass). It also ends on a cliffhanger wondering if Evil Superman will return. Considering most of the Arroverse shows have been canceled I wonder if these characters will return in comic book form? Also there's a backup with Cisco and Phantom Girl which ends in a cliffhanger to be continued in "The Flash" next season. With all that, there is plenty of action and it's fun to read these characters in a comic book world.
  • 30

    I could write so many words about the narrative decisions of Earth-Prime #6 , the culmination of the comic event spinning out of the tales of The CW's various DC television shows. If these bizarre and borderline-laughable decisions were brought to life in live-action, similarly to the previous Arrowverse crossovers, they would be debated about amongst fans for months on end. But in the packaging of Earth-Prime #6, it's even more baffling to behold. The comic itself is chock-full of painful pacing and dialogue, a good chunk of which feels incredibly patronizing to both the characters involved and the reader themselves. The art, similarly, is filled with inconsistent, busy renderings of supersuits new and old (one character had a comic-accurate cosmetic change that I didn't even register until two-thirds of the way through the issue). There are a very small amount of bright spots in this issue, but it is by and large one of the most disappointing final issues I've read in recent memory.

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