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Dutch #0

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From the combustible creative team of CASEY and FOX—THE ORIGINAL DUTCH IS BACK!

It’s been thirty years since he served as the ultimate superhero soldier.

Now his new life is shattered by an old enemy from the past.

Will Dutch answer this newest call to action?

And coming next year—the mayhem continues in the all-new DUTCH #1!

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31 pages
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    Dutch #0 feels like the “Old Man Logan” equivalent to so many of the comics that flooded Image throughout the 90s. Over-the-top machines of death and destruction, guns that would snap a man’s shoulder after firing a single shot and endless black-op, top secret teams with names that produce an eye roll as a reflex. There’s a bit too much “old man yells at cloud” tone in the narration and the artwork is far too busy at times to discern what’s going on, but the book has a self-awareness and a kind of visceral intensity so many of the Young Blood-esque books were missing back in the day. That’s just enough to get me to want to pick up the #1 issue when it drops next year.

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