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Dune: House Harkonnen #9

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Atomic threats and prophetic visions leave the threat of death and carnage in their wake, as the Emperor’s most fearsome warriors arrive after a critical betrayal!

Meanwhile, horror ensues on Ix, and Duncan reaches a new milestone in pursuing the blade… but his celebration may be cut short.

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31 pages
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2 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    As Dune: House Harknonnen enters its final act, events quickly expand in scope and scale as past mistreatment and plotting leads to some explosive revelations in this issue. It serves to improve upon the series’ model of quickly rotating vignettes summarizing its source material as each new event is eye-catching in its own right, whether it’s the speaking of prophecy from a mummified half-corpse or a heist of planetary wealth. The most extreme elements are depicted in fine fashion with plenty of attention to detail delivering several memorable panels throughout. Some less specific elements, like hints about foul science experiments lack the nuance often delivered in a novel and offer readers next to nothing by hiding visions of whatever unspeakable elements are just out of sight. While characters remain largely two-dimensional and the prelude reliance upon reader knowledge of Dune continue to hinder the overall series, Dune: House Harknonnen #9 provides some of the best adapted elements from the comic book to date.

  • 60

    First Comics News

    This issue does not flow as smoothly as others have and things and people are not explained well enough.
    The art looks amazing. It does show each character in a setting and mood that fits so well.

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