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Dune: House Harkonnen #11

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In the penultimate issue of the stunning prequel series from Brian Herbert & Kevin J. Anderson, Duncan makes a fateful decision, Leto faces an unthinkable tragedy, and Kailea is backed into a corner–with only one way out of damning accusations.

Meanwhile, Rabban makes a rage-inducing discovery that could only lead to murder, while Liet forms an unconventional yet fateful family, and Duncan and Leto reunite in time for Leto to face a difficult crossroads…

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    The penultimate chapter of Dune: House Harkonnen reminds readers exactly what this adaptation and its source material are – unnecessary prologue for a much better narrative. Every twist in the miniseries’ climax leads to a moment in which readers are reminded of vocabulary from Dune, whether it’s Rabban claiming his nickname or the tragic backstory of a hardly referenced school. All of these elements are certainly recognizable for readers, but they add little to nothing in the form of understanding or sympathy. What’s more is that it’s necessary for readers to possess that outside knowledge for many of these climactic sequences to resonate. The weakness of the source material is only exacerbated by its condensed and often rushed nature when shoved into 20-page installments of comics that provide too little space to wonder at visual elements related to so much plot. Dune: House Harkonnen #11’s best promise is that only one issue remains.

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