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Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2 (of 4)

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Doctor Strange joins forces with an all-new set of mystical heroes!

But the treacherous Knights of the Body mean to make corpses of them all!


What fresh terror awaits our heroes in the masked city of Sanc Nistos? A red river runs through the barbed bowels of the Body Machine, and all we have to hold onto are fragments and fearful chances!

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32 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Tradd Moore's ambitious Doctor Strange series continues to be impressive, if not perhaps filling itself with a little too much. It's not to say that anything here is bad or uninteresting, but there's so much happening that sometimes it's a lot to take in. Special guest artist Jensine Eckwall contributes some images to the new issue, bringing in work that feels like living wood carvings and which stand alongside Moore's as unique and filled with life. This is all to say that even if some of the plot isn't totally clear, it's gorgeous to look at, so it's still a win for you as a reader and for Tradd and his collaborators as storytellers.
  • 95


    A artistic marvel (pun absolutely intended), Trad Moore's Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2 is a fun time in cape comics with visuals that are sure to melt your brain.
  • 80

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    If you want to be simultaneously dazzled and befuddled (in the best possible way), pick up Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2. Make sure to set aside time to read it multiple times, it’s an issue (and a mini-series) that’s best absorbed rather than read. Enjoy being lost in its beautiful pages.
  • 75

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #2 clarifies the backstory behind Doctor Strange's current predicament and adds a weirdly bizarre mix of religion, ancient legends, and lore for a truly unique experience. In fairness, the mix of concepts makes this issue a dense, heavy read that doesn't always remain lucid, but the experience is fascinating enough to keep going.

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