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Doctor Strange #12

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Doctor Strange is a busy man – sometimes, it seems like the busiest man. But that man has a best friend. So when there’s something strange haunting the Sanctum Sanctorum, who can we turn to? Why, BATS THE GHOST DOG, of course! But can Bats solve the mystery on his own, or is this good dog in over his head?

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    ‘Doctor Strange’ #12 has gone to the dogs as the sorcerer supreme’s faithful companion must sniff out a potential threat before it’s too late. A fun but also emotionally heavy tale that falls into line with the elements that have made this entire run, previous volumes included, such a magical delight.
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Fun installment where they show Bats' tenderness and loyalty. The art is full of textures with a classic tone reminiscent of 1970s pulp comics and a cool pastel color palette.
  • 90


    Doctor Strange #12 is an unexpected story that offers a unique twist on the series through a unique perspective, a ghost dog, while simultaneously being one of the most eerie issues so far. Sure, there’s been various threats for Strange to face, but when he and Clea are calm, and Bats isn’t, that’s not right. Moreover, this issue is another riveting read that foreshadows future threats that lurk around the corners.
  • 90

    Doctor Strange #12 is just the right one-shot coming of one of the Sorcerer Supreme's biggest story arcs in quite some time. Spanning nearly an entire year, the first 11 issues of this title were steeped deep with mystical lore and here, readers get a fresh change of pace. They're given a light, jovial story from the vantage point of Bats, one Very Good Boy. It's breezy and just right for what the book needs before it kicks off another arc next month. Top it off with guest artist Danilo Beyruth and guest colorist KJ Diaz, and the art is an homage to the horror comics of yore. Doctor Strange #12 really is a delight.
  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: MacKay crafts an entertaining story that does a fantastic job of connecting to Strange while giving Bats the spotlight. I enjoyed the tone of the story and ominous nature of its antagonist. There are some great moments for the character and I really enjoyed the build up to the ultimate reveal and what it means for Strange and Clea. The Art: Beyruth delivers some impressive imagery throughout the issue. I really liked the visual style and how it had a flowing tone that was perfect for a tale centering on ghosts.
  • 87

    Graphic Policy

    Doctor Strangecontinues a solid run with another successful issue as the team shifts the focus from the large-scale action of the previous arc while still exploring the main character. MacKay still strongly focuses on characters and their relationships, as Beyruths guest work aligns with the previous artwork.Doctor Strange #12is the first part of a smaller-scale story filled with excellent writing and great art.
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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Doctor Strange #12 introduces the return of a threat from Strange’s past and gives us an amusing little romp with the ever-quarreling Bats, Anton and Aleister. The art is the highlight of the issue.
  • 50

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Doctor Strange #12 is the second cooldown issue in a row and a Bats-centric story to portend things to come. Readers who are Bats fans will get plenty of time with the ghostly pup, but the story barely qualifies as a prelude to announcing the return of a villain. If you read the spoilers in this issue, you'll get everything you'll need to know about what's coming and can save what you would have wasted on the cover price.

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