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Doctor Strange #389

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Stephen Strange’s first act back as Sorcerer Supreme backfired catastrophically! Maybe the Vishanti were right about him…but will the world trust him to clean up his mess? There’s a new magical landscape after DAMNATION, and a long journey back to the Sanctum Sanctorum!

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    This is arguably Marvel’s best ongoing series at the moment. It survived multiple creative team shifts of both writers and artists. It survived getting pulled into two massive cross-overs, and in the case of Damnation, managed to walk away completely unscathed from the ominous bullets of these events. In fact, for Damnation it used those events to further the ongoing storyline and themes it has been pushing for a few years. It’s just a shame that the saga appears to be coming to an end, with new numbering, a completely new status quo and a new creative team on the horizon. I can’t wait to see how it all shakes out for the Sorcerer Supreme.

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    Comic Watch

    he creative team has done it again. Right from the Usual Suspects cover offered by the incomparable Mike Del Mundo you know it’s going to be a riot of a read. Then Donny Cates gives us a battle of wits with Strange and Dormammu…not to mention good old Bats and an ending free of Damnation-spoilers that still manages to satisfy. Topped off with Niko Henrichon’s art and the visuals of a Nether dimension battle between four Hell Lords this was a stunning wrap up of the saga. Again Laurent Grossat has what it takes to show Niko’s art in all it’s glory and the intercut everyday scene at the diner with Strange and Clea in so comforting and reassuring a setting is an interesting counterpoint, reminding us all what the other heroes aren’t privy to in their war zone. The addition of Bats and co helping and playing such a crucial role in the victory Strange has and again the sacrifice his friends make for the greater good is equal parts touching and tragic. We will all have to read Damnation #4 to see how that plays out. I’m sure it has an equally satisfying pay-off.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    This issue of Doctor Strange is mostly Strange explaining some of the behind the scenes stuf that happened during Damnation, that we didn’t get to see, to Clea. It also has a phenomenal scene of Strange getting told to quit being a baby because it seems all he’s done the past couple years is throw himself a pity party.

    The art as always is really good and works perfectly with Cates style of writing with this story. And while this story mostly serves to resolve story points from Damnation it’s still a really good read. The one complaint one could have from this issue is that it’s very much a tie in for Damnation and if you haven’t been following Damnation( if you haven’t then shame on you) then you may be a little confused.

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    There are two solid forms of a story within this issue. One details the dramatic escape of heroes from a hellish dimension and the other is a low-key conversation between old friends. Both offer some amusing banter and Henrichon’s art really shines when composing hordes of demonic creatures. When they combine the effects of both halves are lessened. It’s a tonal shift that isn’t justified as a story choice, but only by the nature of a publishing event. Readers are forcefully told to go out and read other comics while attempting to enjoy what is in front of them, and diminishes every positive quality about this one issue as a result.

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