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Doctor Strange #386

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Doctor Strange bet on his ability to restore Las Vegas and got his prize — with some satanic strings attached! Now he’s going double or nothing to set things right. How did he get back to full power? And will it be enough when he’s gambling for his life?


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23 pages
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  • 85

    Comic Watch

    Cates never fails to deliver the gold standard in tongue in cheek humor while keeping the seriousness of the plot ticking, which is no small feat. Strange losing to Mephisto so soon after winning against Loki is, of course, a natural progression and a relief to see the hero not being written without faults. To win so soon would not be anywhere as interesting. Not that Loki was beaten really. He just relented and not only showed Strange how easy he was to fool but how much better he could utilize his skills than he himself did.

  • 82


    Going into the “Damnation” crossover, it wasn’t clear exactly how Doctor Strange would intertwine with the core mini-series. If Doctor Strange #386 is any indication, readers probably need to be following both books. This issue picks up exactly where Damnation left off, with Strange playing a high-stakes game Blackjack with his very soul in the balance. The result is an entertaining story that boats real stake for our hero even as writer Donny Cates and artist Nico Henrichon have fun with the idea of a demonic casino. The talking, wise-cracking playing cards are a particularly nice touch. Henrichon makes for a fitting follow-up to previous artist Gabriel Hernandez Walta, as he delivers lush imagery that’s both comedic and horror-infused. It’s also nice to get some extra insight into Strange’s decision to restore Las Vegas in the first place, something Damnation #1 could have used.

  • 80


    A good issue that delves into Doctor Strange’s pre and post Doctor Strange: Damnation #1 actions, suitably giving the title a tie-in feel that supports the main event.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    This issue was a solid issue: if there are any complaints, it’s that the pacing is pretty slow and seems off a couple times. It’s not a very action packed issue, but mostly talking and explaining, some of which may not have necessarily needed to be explained but is anyway. This is still a great issue though.

  • 80

    Doctor Strange #386 takes all the grand stakes set up for the Damnation miniseries and makes them personal. Donny Cates continues to do a great job of redefining Stephen Strange’s personality. Other writers have pegged arrogance as Strange’s tragic flaw, but Cates goes deeper, showing Strange’s pride, temper, and wariness. He also nails the casual cruelty that defines Mephisto. Nico Henrichon illustrates the issues beautifully, showing how quickly Strange’s trained calm turns to rage when his ego is bruised. It’s just a shame the issue had to spend four pages summarizing the story covered in the first issue of Damnation.

  • 75

    Multiversity Comics

    “Doctor Strange” 386 focuses on contained settings and sharp character interaction to move the story forward while offering beautiful art, even if somewhat trapped by large panel counts.

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