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Do A Powerbomb! #7 (of 7)

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Lona Steelrose and Cobrasun must face the ultimate challenge on their path to resurrecting Lona’s mother! Will they be successful?

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    Do A Powerbomb #6 pulled the rug out from under everyone and threw in a twist no one saw coming, so you can imagine the expectations the series carried heading into its finale. Writer and artist Daniel Warren Johnson, Colorist Mike Spicer, and letterer Rus Wooton were more than up for the challenge however delivering one of the most thrilling yet poignant issues in the entire series, and one that caps off one of 2022’s best comics in epic fashion. Do A Powerbomb #7 is simply stunning from beginning to end, showcasing a literally heavenly event in the ring that showcases the team’s understanding of what makes wrestling matches so captivating. Part of that equation is also the storytelling throughout the match and into the book’s final pages, and as with any true story in the ring, it’s not so much about the ending as it is about the journey, though Do A Powerbomb has no issue delivering on both. It’s a lovely end to what has been an amazing ride, and hopefully, this isn’t the last we see of this wonderfully unique wrestling world.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    Daniel Warren Johnson has done some wild, over the top things with Do a Powerbomb before, but having Lona and Cobra Sun battle God seems like it could be tricky.

    That probably would be the case for 99% of current creators, but Johnson against the odds makes it work. It’s largely due to Johnson just having fun with the concept — God uses a crucifix bomb at one point.
    The more difficult aspect is to have fun without trashing religion. Johnson stays on the comfortable side of good taste simply by avoiding being controversial for the sake of getting some buzz. This book has been great enough that it doesn’t need to earn cheap heat with religious groups.

    No joke, with the way Johnson shows his full comprehension on how to tell an effective, well booked wrestling storyline, some companies might want to sign him up as a creative consultant. (…) Get this for your friend who digs wrestling. Get it for your friend who digs comic books. Get it for your friend who simply loves being entertained. They’ll all be ready to give a long-standing ovation for the equivalent of a five-star comic series.

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    Sequential Planet

    t’s hard saying goodbye to a character like Lona after only seven issues, and the inherently bittersweet nature of mini-series coming to an end is exacerbated by the final images of Do A Powerbomb!, a stirring marriage of love and loss. For now, all we can do is await the trade this spring and eagerly wonder what’s next from Daniel Warren Johnson!

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