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Do A Powerbomb! #5 (of 7)

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FYSO have made it clear: They think they’re better than every other wrestler in the Deathlyfe. But are they ready for an anything-goes DEATHMATCH? Sun and Steel bring the barbed wire to a final like no other!

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    Lyles Movie Files

    First off, let’s be absolutely clear: I love everything about this book. It’s a wrestling-based story taken to the extreme with the only presentation that could do it justice — a comic book series.

    Writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson’s love of wrestling is apparent on every page from the booking, the match stipulations, crazy finishes and a slew of twists. My favorite part of Do a Powerbomb is how Johnson has taken everything that makes wrestling so special and put it in a package

    There’s two issues left, but Johnson already rolls out the tournament final for the DeathLyfe tournament competed in a No DQ, barb wire, ladder, falls count anywhere deathmatch. (…) And just in case there was concern that Johnson couldn’t nail the landing, he throws a series of major twists that don’t seem like they can get wrapped up in two issues. Is it too early to start clamoring for a *rematch* sequel?

  • 90

    If there was any worry that Do A Powerbomb #5 would fall off in the slightest from issue #4, you can put those worries to rest. Writer and artist Daniel Warren Johnson, Colorist Mike Spicer, and letterer Rus Wooton continue to make this series feel unlike anything else on the shelves while still embodying what fans love about the world of professional wrestling. Not only does the issue hit you with a few key swerves, but it effectively conveys the brutal physicality of a real hardcore match without losing the heart and loss that powers this entire journey. And that ending? Yeah, didn’t see that coming, and you will feel every punch and knock with a barbed wire bat as if you were watching a pay-per-view. Do A Powerbomb is as compelling as ever, and thankfully it still has even more tricks up its sleeve

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