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Do A Powerbomb! #3 (of 7)

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Lona and Cobrasun strategize as best they can for their first-round tournament matchup with the mighty ORANGABANG! Watch out for their finishing move!

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    f there was ever a comic series that seemed especially written for my taste and sensibilities, Do A Powerbomb checks that box. Daniel Warren Johnson, Mike Spicer, and Rus Wooton truly have created something special with this series, and issue #3 pours on the stakes and wrestling action while never losing the mix of loss, regret, and hope that lies at the heart of this surreal story. (…) Do A Powerbomb is beyond special and I couldn’t recommend it any more.

  • 100

    Lyles Movie Files

    I don’t think you have to be a wrestling fan to appreciate Do a Powerbomb, but if you do writer/artist Daniel Warren Johnson is making a no holds barred title that’s impossible not to mark out for with every page. (…) Do a Powerbomb hasn’t missed a spot yet. It’s absurdly entertaining and connects on every level Johnson envisions. It’s one of my favorite books to check out each month.

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    First Comics News

  • 85

    Graphic Policy

    Do a Powerbomb #3 is best described as full of personality. We meet the contestants and their finishing moves, we get a sense of the world, and the stakes are laid out for many. There’s a great mix of action but it’s the heart that really stands out to me. The guilt of Cobrasun and what he did is clear throughout the issue and ups the drama of everything going on. There’s an amazing focus on the weight he carries on his shoulders which has become center of the series. What started as a “wrestling comic has turned into something so much more.

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