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Do A Powerbomb! #2 (of 7)

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Based on 9 critic ratings.

Lona Steelrose is brought to another dimension and given an opportunity that could change everything. Will she join the DEATHLYFE tournament?!

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    It can be quite challenging to follow up a superb first issue, and yet Do A Powerbomb #2 does just that, simply shrugging off pressure of any sort. Daniel Warren Johnson weaves between moments of the heart and otherworldly effortlessly, embracing the fun and grandiose nature of pro wrestling while also centering down on the pain and grief that fuels this particular story from a new perspective. Once again, this issue is stunning courtesy of Johnson and Mike Spicer’s colors, and Rus Wooton’s lettering is superb both in moments of action and contemplation. Throw in one hell of a last-page reveal and you have another modern classic. Do A Powerbomb #3 cannot come soon enough.

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    First Comics News

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    Monkeys Fighting Robots

    Do A Powerbomb #2 is an outstanding follow-up chapter that allows Johnson and his team to fully flex their talents in a show of weighty character scenes and kick-ass action. Daniel Warren Johnson pens an issue that mixes great humor, brutal wrestling action, and more impactful character storytelling in a fashion that has become his storytelling signature. His art, along with Mike Spicer’s colors, continues to melt faces as it explodes off the page with kinetic action, incredible detail, and thoughtful composition.

  • 90

    Graphic Policy

    Do a Powerbomb #2 is an amazing second issue. I said “holy shit out loud when I got to the ending and immediately wanted to read more. If your a fan of wrestling, action, or good drama, this is a must. One of the best second issues of the year.

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    Comic Crusaders

    Wrestling and comics are two parts of pop culture that never really get their fair shake. Both have an untapped well of entertainment value, but the limitations of a certain cloud of shame that the Agent Smith’s of this reality enforce on the populace around the time that they hit pubescence to get them to shun these standouts of artistic experession is unfair to say the least. But if you were still reading comics and watching wrestling as you started to grow peach fuzz or began buying maxi-pads, it’s safe to say that you most likely became engulfed in the culture, and gained a permanent die-hard love (and/or two) that wouldn’t fail you in a world filled with the temporary.

    Warren Johnson oozes this love in his latest creator-owned series “Do A Powerbomb”. Warren Johnson’s art, though much more reserved than his previous works (“Beta Ray Bill”, “Dead Earth”), still looks like everything on the page was made from clay. Some of the greatest sculptures ever made by humanity was formed from that very substance, and Warren Johnson does not fall short to the reputation that proceeds the likeness of his paints. The story is a great mix of mystery melodrama and comedy. The wrestling moves and stipulations are the type of stuff the average wrestling viewer would see on a large promotion and that the most hardcore would enjoy on the indie circuit.

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    Do a Powerbomb #2 keeps the momentum and excitement that made issue #1 great. The stakes are raised, and it has an ending that you have to see to believe.

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    Big Comic Page

    The issue whips along at a brisk pace, with Lona trying to seek out a tag partner for herself ahead of the tournament, and ends with a jaw-dropper of a final page that I don’t think anyone will have seen coming. Another gripping issue then, and with the stage well and truly set for the series to come, I can’t wait to see what sort of teeth-clenching insanity awaits once the Tag Tournament itself begins. Pure unadulterated enthusiasm and creativity crammed into lycra and unleashed onto the printed page for your viewing pleasure.

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    Comic Watch

    Go stand in line at Ticketmaster RIGHT NOW!! You don’t want to miss Daniel Warren Johnson’s sophomore issue of this stellar series!!!

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    Sequential Planet

    If Daniel Warren Johnson uses necromancy as flavor and keeps the focus on Lona, her family, and the in-ring action, Do A Powerbomb! could be something special.

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