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Disney Villains: Hades #3

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Hades and his new heist crew are after the Golden Fleece held by the King of Colchis. Only problem is, some handsome dude named Jason is questing after the Fleece too! There’s only one reasonable solution for the Lord of the Underworld: CHEAT!

Writer ELLIOTT KALAN (The Daily Show) and artist ALESSANDRO RANALDI (Vampirella vs. Red Sonja) turn up the heat on Hercules’s nemesis in this third chapter of their Homeric epic — enhanced by a stunning selection of covers from KAREN S. DARBOE, JAE LEE, TRISH FORSTNER, FRANCESCO TOMASELLI, and more!

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29 pages
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    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Disney Villains: Hades #3 presents a fun and compelling story, with characters getting into various perilous situations done in a comedic way. Hades and Jason play off each other well. One can only wonder what will happen next, and who will end up triumphant with the Golden Fleece. Regardless of the outcome, it’s sure to be entertaining!

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