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Detective Comics 2022 Annual #1

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As a werewolf, Gael has lived through many generations, and so he has visited Gotham land before…hundreds of years ago. Take a trip back to the 1700s Renaissance Gotham with Gael on Arkham land to help remember with him exactly where he buried something important he now has to dig back up. And in a twist of fate, a dark knight in town also seems to be looking for something from out of time…his way back home to the present.

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  • 100


    ‘Detective Comics 2022 Annual’ takes a trip back to where everything truly began for Gotham City and the legacy of Batman, in a truly illuminating and well-developed story that just adds to the regular ongoing story. While serious in tone and intelligent in design, there are a lot of really fun elements to be found as the creators hold up a mirror of sorts to the things we know well.
  • 100

    Detective Comics 2022 Annual shows just how far Orgham line has manipulated Gotham, with the mysterious and dangerous family manipulating the city even in its earliest days. However, we also see how a time-traveling Bruce Wayne (calling back to Grant Morrison's Batman run) may have laid his own seed for a resistance to come. This run really delves deep into some of the Barbatos mythos established by Morrison, and it's interesting to see Ram V. draw such a direct line between the two runs. This is definitely the most interesting Detective Comics has been since the Morrison era and I'm looking forward to the comic's continuation.
  • 90

    Geek Dad

    The creative team, with three artists on board, pulls off a clever trick this issue. These characters are all introduced as originals, but as the story moves on, we see them take on more and more attributes of characters we know. One character reveals a gruesome facial scar, another’s connection to the natural world reveals a shocking secret, and another takes on a very familiar mantle. This colonial-era story is a shocking tragedy in places, as a once-peaceful sanctuary is undone by bigotry and violence. But on the other hand, it’s a tale of how one hero can stand against the void and defend an innocent—and set an evil plan back centuries. There might be a few too many coincidences in this issue—maybe supernatural in origin?—but it does a great job of setting up some fascinating stuff in Gotham’s past and raising the stakes for the upcoming next chapter of Ram V’s run.
  • 90


    I can’t stress enough how much I enjoyed this story. I love Gotham’s history and I love it when writers play with the ideas of the present repeating the past. This annual strikes the balance between all of those elements. It’s a great one and done story, while also being a piece of the bigger picture of the series. Ram V has written an annual that not only lays the foundations of the Orgham’s plans for Gotham, but one that shows those of the Dark Knight himself. This is certainly a great book to pick up and enjoy.
  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: An engaging and entertaining story that continues to weave an intriguing mystery for Gotham and its hero. I enjoyed both the history being told in the plot as well as the bigger story being developed within it. The Orgham’s are interesting villains and their hidden motives have me coming back to read more. The Art: All three artists bring beautifully detailed and visually thrilling imagery to every page of the issue.
  • 80


    With great art, fantastic colors, interesting character design and a thrilling story, this 48 page annual really has everything you could want.
  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    The Detective Comics 2022 Annual was an entertaining read. I really enjoyed the book and felt the playful nature of the writing style. More of this going forward, please.
  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 70

    First Comics News

  • 60

    But Why Tho?

    I recommend this book. For the colonial Gathome setting, the fantastic cast needs a book or backup in another Batman title. I wish they left the Bat out of it, and then it would have been stellar. But go get this one. There are people and things in this annual you might never see again.
  • 60

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Detective Comics 2022 Annual gets a B for concept and a C- for execution. The Elseworlds-style story is interesting but doesn't fit within the main title, and several editing flaws take you out of the reading experience.
  • 60

    The Batman Universe

    Though constructed of strange, conflicting, and often tendentious materials, Ram V's first Detective Comics Annual still has a haunting power, as well as revealing some of the mystical underpinnings of his plot for Gotham Nocturne. Strong, though not particularly stunning art by the trio of artists rounds out a solid entry in the ongoing tale of Batman vs. the Orghams.
  • 50

    Lyles Movie Files

    Fans of the Nocturne arc don’t have to pick up this historic side story unless they absolutely want the complete story. Otherwise, this is an easy one to skip.
  • 20

    Batman on Film

    Annual 2022 reads like a poor man’s Gotham By Gaslight or a want-to-be Return of Bruce Wayne while trying to retcon this and update that. The art is excellent if you are looking for a Sherlock Holmes type of book, but if you are reading this, you want Batman. That is not me saying the art is terrible, but you can pass the annual. This is an oversized book that will run you $6. I have fewer nice things to say about this issue than I did about the last issue of Detective — and I already told you that you could pass. If you are a completest, God bless you.

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