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Detective Comics #1068

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Based on 16 critic ratings.

This special Two-Face issue is split in half artistically by maestros Rafael Albuquerque and Ivan Reis to portray the struggles Harvey Dent goes through trying to stay alive with the help of his more evil side…

Genius writer Ram V not only devised each page of this story to be a dark reflection of the page facing it, but also of itself from front to back!

This is an issue you won’t want to miss!

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35 pages
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16 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100


    ‘Detective Comics’ #1068 continues its stellar new creative direction that has broken the character and his world down to their basest levels in order to truly explore them, taking us on a beautiful haunting ride in the process. There isn’t one bit of this run that has missed so far, with everyone involved hitting home runs out of the park in order to bring us something that is destined to be one of the all-time great series runs.
  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Detective Comics #1068 is another journey into the Dante’s Inferno called Gotham. Or perhaps it’s best to call it Orgham’s Inferno, for it is definitely dragging Batman and its citizens into a new level of darkness just when they were seeing a light at the end of the subway tunnel.
  • 100

    Comics: The Gathering

    Detective Comics #1068 is available now at your local comic shop or via digital download from your preferred digital retailer.
  • 95

    Comic Watch

    This issue set a high standard for Detective Comics. Next month cannot get here fast enough for issue #1069! The crescendo of the ending of this issue and completion of Act 1 gives me full faith that the entire creative team are just getting started in this story.
  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    It feels like whenever a new creative team comes aboard Batman they have all these grand statements about doing something different and shaking things up. So far, the Detective Comics crew is making good on their promise and delivering a sensationally unpredictable Batman arc.
  • 90

    Geek Dad

    Then there’s the backup, which puts Jim Gordon back at the center of the story as Dani returns on art. The recasting of Gordon as a gritty PI who is more directly involved in Batman’s cases works nicely, but he’s definitely out of place in the more surreal elements of Batman’s world. Both this and the main story seem to be following up on elements of the recent Arkham City: The Order of the World, and they’re doing a great job of making Gotham City seem creepier and more unfriendly than it has in a while.
  • 88

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: An intense story that works better being told from the perspective of Harvey Dent. The duality within the character enhances the drama of the story and the stakes within it. Everything in the story works really well and the progression of the plot is engaging as it brings the reader to an intense and exciting cliffhanger. The Art: Both artists deliver beautifully detailed art that showcases the power of the character of Batman while also brilliantly utilizing the darkness with Two-Face.
  • 80


    While pacing might be slow at time, Ram V continues to write a compelling narrative Detective Comics, full of big drama, dark enemies, and interesting questions. With a talented artistic team, issue #1068 is a strong addition to the operatic Gotham Nocturne arc.
  • 80

    Harvey Dent enters the fray in the latest issue of Detective Comics, although it comes at a great cost. As Batman attempts to fight the Orgham family's power grab on Gotham, he finds help in an unexpected source – Two-Face. It's odd to see Batman so vulnerable and reliant on outside help, but it makes sense given that a theme of this arc has been Batman slowing and being one step behind. Ivan Reis joins Rafael Albuquereue on art for the primary story and while they surprisingly mesh well, there's still a... scratchiness to the art that doesn't feel right. Whether that's a deliberate choice or simply an inker trying to smooth down two different art styles, it makes the story feel a bit grittier.
  • 80

    Dark Knight News

    Detective Comics #1068 delivers with the main story but suffers with the backup story. If I were you, I’d read the first part and ditch the second.
  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 80

    First Comics News

  • 70

    The Batman Universe

    The conflict between Batman and the Orghams burns in a terrible blaze, but Two-Face takes center stage in this dark and powerful part of Ram V’s opera, expertly illustrated by two master artists.
  • 70

    Batman on Film

    Detective Comics #1068 is the best example of what V can do with this title. I love what he is doing with Two-Face. I have not been blown away by one character in a book in a very long time. If you are a big fan of Two-Face, you can’t pass this one up; it could be a “stand-alone” tale that shows how great he is in the book. That said, can one character cover up the flaws of the main villain and the actual plan to destroy Gotham? Well, for one issue, yes. Like I mentioned earlier, I am not interested in the Wolf-Man or his crew, but Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and that end cameo; give me those bad guys any day of the week.
  • 60


    Again, while the story is separate from the main narrative in Detective Comics, it’s tied enough with the events I’d suggest reading it, since both characters have made appearances in the main story and will likely continue to do so.
  • 60

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Detective Comics #1068 is a collection of things happening and potentially interesting ideas. Still, the plot moves at a snail's pace, and there needs to be a clear direction or motivation for the villains.

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