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Detective Comics #1067

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Mr. Freeze encounters an Azmer, one of the demonic beings terrorizing Gotham’s villainous underground network, and then Mr. Freeze makes an offer to the Dark Detective that he cannot refuse. Then, the Orgham’s werewolf protector gives Two-Face one more chance to tell him who Batman is.

In the backup story, take a stroll inside Two-Face and HarveyDent’s mind as they try to have a secret conversation outside the listening ears of a mysterious shadow stalking them in this headspace…

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15 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100


    ‘Detective Comics' gothic horror epic kicks into a new gear as the overall plots begin to collide and a deadly darkness exerts its will upon the already suffering Gotham City in ‘Detective Comics' #1067. Finding avenues not traveled is tough to do with Batman and his heavily used rogues, but this creative team, both in the main and backup stories, has struck gold to create something powerful and unique. Truly a Batman and Gotham story for the ages, surely destined to be a classic.
  • 100

    But Why Tho?

    Gotham lives and breathes as it spasms into whatever the future holds. I can’t wait to see what Barbatos will mean for Batman and the Orghams and what Two-Face and Freeze might do next. So many good moving pieces. Find the space to add this to your collection.
  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    Ram V is excellent at establishing a sense of dread as if that something horrifically bad is right around the corner. It’s tangible this issue and with a group presented as the first credible insurgent threat since the Court of Owls, Batman better be ready.
  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Ram V delivers an intense and entertaining thriller in this issue. There is some great tension throughout the story with Batman and Freeze as well as some interesting character development with Arzen that I look forward to seeing explored. I love the sense of uncertainty in the arc and cannot wait to see what happens next. The Art: Reis delivers some glorious visuals throughout the issue. The action is beautifully visualized and there are some great character moments that capture the tone of the story.
  • 90

    Geek Dad

    The tension in this issue is through the roof, and it fits with V’s pattern on past books—it may take a while to get there, but the payoff will be more than worth it.
  • 90

    Comics: The Gathering

    Overall, Detective Comics #1067 is a bit heavy on the narration, but it is helpful in grounding this story which is otherwise exciting and escalates as tensions grow between Batman and Freeze and the art team delivers a solid visual that really makes the reader feel like they are trapped in ice alongside the Dark Knight. Another exciting chapter in one of my favorite runs on Detective in a long time.
  • 90

    Dark Knight News

    Detective Comics #1067 delivers a cold hard punch to the gut and gives readers exactly what we’ve wanted for the last few months! This was a great read for the winter season, Merry Christmas from Gotham City!
  • 90

    Graham Crackers Comics

    Ram V has proven that he knows Mr. Freeze (or do you say Mr. Zero?” better than anyone. Whatever else is being set up in the backround with werewolves and Two-Face, etc. comes in a distant second to the eight pages feature the interaction between Batman and Victor. When he compared Batman’s love of Gotham to his love of Nora, it is truly touching. There is no fight, no one goes to jail, and in the end Batman leaves Victor to his frozen underworld. The rest of the book is fine
  • 87

    Comic Watch

    I know there's a common complaint among comic readers that there are too many current Batman stories. But reading this issue, I can see why this is the case. There are so many ways to tell an exciting story with the Caped Crusader that limiting those storytelling opportunities would be a shame. I love unique, original takes on a popular character, and this issue has piqued my interest in seeing where the story goes from here and the future fate of the soul of Gotham City.
  • 80

    Another solid issue of Detective Comics that frames Batman's familiarity with Gotham as a weakness instead of a strength.
  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 80

    First Comics News

  • 70


    This is another good entry in Ram V’s Detective Comics run. While the slow and steady nature of the series can feel a little too slow at times, I do appreciate the work put in to really flesh out Gotham, Batman, the Orghams, and the various other aspects coming in to play. It’s also nice to see characters like Mr. Freeze showing up and existing in Gotham, rather than always having a firm plan for destruction or mayhem. And the backup is still as strong and impactful on the main story as it’s proven to be so far, wrapping up Two-Faces’s three part story here. Overall, this is a solid, fun read.
  • 70

    The Batman Universe

    Ram V and Ivan Reis heat up Gotham Nocturne with a cold appearance of Mr. Freeze, weaving continuity into their own dark symphony quite enjoyably. Spurrier and Sherman's backup ably sets up what's to come with Two-Face as well.
  • 65

    Weird Science DC Comics

    Detective Comics #1067 makes some much-needed progress on the plot with an Orgham-sponsored takeover of the Narrows. The art is fantastic, and the plot looks like it's taking on shape and form, but the needlessly heavy dialog and narration drag the story to a crawl.

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