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Demon Wars: Scarlet Sin #1

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The yokai are at war, and Mariko Yashida, descendent of the Oni King, has to choose a side. The fates of the spirit world and the human world hang in the balance. But things just got complicated thanks to the appearance of a mysterious yokaii with incredible power. This Yokai has a scheme of her own, and she wants to paint the world…scarlet. You can’t afford to miss the cataclysmic conclusion of Peach Momoko’s epic DEMON WARS saga!

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  • 90

    Peach Momoko’s ambitious and gorgeous Demon Wars saga comes to a close (for now) with this latest one-shot, and the end result is thrilling, albeit a little sparse. The bulk of the issue concerns a masterfully-constructed fight between the franchise’s various characters – something that is not necessarily accessible to those who might be jumping into this standalone installment, but is still thrilling nonetheless. Momoko’s talent as a writer and artist is clearly something special, and I’m eager to see whatever she does next for Marvel.

  • 80

    Impulse Gamer

    Almost two years ago I reviewed the first one in the series of these and thought it had good promise, obviously it would serve you better to go back and read all the series in between to get more out of this.

    For fans of this artist I would recommend it as she also worked on the recent Star Wars: Darth Vader – Black, White & Red and it is the most unique story in that compilation.

    If you know about Yokai in Japanese culture you will be able to pick out more of the characters too, I know a little and did pick some out as the style is very distinctive but those characters are still recognisable.

    This is a rare story where not knowing what is going on is not an impediment to enjoying the story as it sweeps you along with the visuals and still manages to tell a compelling story on its own.

    Well worth a look if you are a fan of Yokai and this artist.

  • 70

    Major Spoilers

    This book has some really lovely visual moments, including Mariko dispatching her enormous demon forefather with a single clever move. It’s interesting to see the visual language of manga tied to so many singularly Western concepts, making for a Captain America samurai with impressionistic shield shapes on his robes or a living suit of armor standing in for Iron Man. The only real downside of those visuals comes in trying to figure out which characters are meant to reference an Avenger and which aren’t, something that distracted me more than once during the reading of this issue. As for the story, it’s actually a very classical tale, one that I’ve read before, which is both a net positive and a bit of a negative for the issue. On the one hand, it makes for a very satisfying end, but if you’re a person who is seeking out surprises or big swerves, it might feel somewhat rote.

    Even with those questions, though, Demon Wars: Scarlet Sin #1 wraps up the ongoing story well, with some impressive (if uncharacteristic of the usual Marvel fare) art.

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