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Death Of The Venomverse #5 (of 5)

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    Spider Man Crawlspace

    The title’s narrative mastery, coupled with its visual brilliance, makes this issue a must-read for Venom fans and general Marvel enthusiasts alike. The final pages, teasing the next potential story arc, leave readers eagerly anticipating what’s next for the world of Venom. We all know it is going to be battle for the ages, when Carnage finally meets the original Venom, the one, true, King in Black.

  • 40

    Death of the Venomverse #5 truly lives up to its name, and while it did deliver what it promised, that isn’t exactly satisfying. Last issue set up what could have been a major turning point in the series, but it ultimately leads to nothing but more death. At some point the constant brutality and death just wears thin, and there’s not enough hope or silver lining to help balance that out. You just leave the issue feeling empty, and while the work of Gerardo Sandoval, Jim Campbell, and Victor Olazaba is impressive at times, the hitting of the same note over and over overpowers it. Writer Cullen Bunn delivered some cool moments throughout the series, and at the end of the day the series did what it set out to do, but ultimately there just wasn’t anything outside of that that I could get invested in.

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