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Death Of The Venomverse #2 (of 5)

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Plus: DAVID MICHELINIE brings you a classic tale in the vein of LETHAL PROTECTOR…or is there more than meets the eye?


Prepare yourself as Taigami introduces the world to…VENOM BOY!

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    Spider Man Crawlspace

    This book has been delivering on its promise, which is basically an all-out war between Carnage and the Venoms of all realities, all universes. While it functions as a brainless and fun teaser to the eventual big finale where Carnage will unleash his rampage on the original Venom, the series has been able to stand on its own as an aggressive, intense narrative that does not indicate any slowdown any time soon. I am surely sticking around until the end of this gory and unapologetic bloodbath. Now, the fanboy in me is just really hoping and praying that Carnage makes a huge scene in the upcoming Playstation 5 video game, because that would make the experience even more epic and unforgettable for players around the world.

  • 60

    Death of the Venomverse #2 lives up to is title with an ever growing death toll, and the team of Cullen Bunn, Gerardo Sandoval, Jim Campbell, Victor Olazaba, and Clayton Cowles lean into the brutality and spectacle that the premise commands. The battles between Carnage’s army and the roster of Venoms are thrilling and action packed, with several key members of Venom’s ragtag group stealing the show, including a Rhino Venom that is simply fantastic. The sheer creativity of the various symbiotes is what makes the adventure so fun, but the action hits hard and injects the story with stakes. Granted, this is pretty par for the course when it comes to the Spider-Verse line of stories, but Venom’s spin on it is unique enough to still make it worth your while.

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