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Deadpool #8

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Elsa lied, and Deadpool died! Well, not yet. But he might! Which, given that this is Deadpool, means it must be a pretty spectacular lie. What is the ACTUAL truth of the Bloodstone curse? And what does it have to do with a dimension full of hideous goo? Don’t wear your nice clothes when reading this one – IT’S GONNA GET MESSY.

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Kindle Edition
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23 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95

    Bleeding Cool

    Kelly Thompson creates an empathetic Deadpool that is still every bit as funny, crude, and badass as expected.

  • 80

    Comics: The Gathering

    Deadpool #8 lands Wade in an ideal position, at least narratively speaking. Desperate risk, desperate action, desperate plans, desperate humour to mask the danger — this is territory in which Deadpool thrives. Thanks to high-octane art and writing that’s equal parts snarky and heartfelt, “thrive” is exactly what he’s doing.

  • 80

    Few creative teams are as perfect a compliment to their character as Kelly Thompson and Gerardo Sandoval are to Deadpool, and you need look no further than Deadpool #8 for a delightful example of that in action. Things are pretty dark throughout this story, but he book’s genuinely funny moments of levity and a few surprising emotional plays payoff down the stretch. Sandoval and colorist Chris Sotomayor are able to accentuate that humor with Wade’s animated facial expressions and dish out some stylish action as well. We even get a fun King of the Monsters interlude to complete the package, adding up to a series that continues to be one of my favorites month in and month out.

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