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Deadly Hands Of Kung Fu: Gang War #3 (of 3)

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The pieces are all assembled, and Shang-Chi is surrounded on all sides! Can the Master of Kung Fu fend off attacks from New York’s strongest crime families and Earth’s mightiest heroes at once? And, even if he can, will Chinatown survive?

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    Major Spoilers

    I wanted to like Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: Gang War #3. These ideas are things I heard of growing up and are applied well, but without the editorial team allowing a strong villain and enough space to grow an antagonist, the book falls short.
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    It's not an essential problem that Deadly Hands of Kung Fu: Gang War #3 is running on the rails of a trope-laden superhero plot. It's not even a problem that the narration of a positive aboutface landing on a splash of the hero teaming up with lots of familiar characters reads like it could be from any random tie-in miniseries. The problem is that it all looks so very dull. Action sequences are filled with moments where it is unclear if characters are dodging or being knocked back by a blow. Much of what is shown simply presents posed figures with no clear connection between panels or the sense of meaningful contact. This is ostensibly an action comic featuring a martial artist, but there's no impact felt throughout the issue. All of these problems are compounded by inconsistencies, including a man seemingly dying suddenly rising with the blood covering his bearded face made invisible. It would have been okay for this comic's plot to be boring, but there's nothing exciting on the page to balance that stale structure.

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