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Deadly Class #56

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An era comes to an end. A step further into a strange and unrecognizable future, a final goodbye, and a fond farewell.

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    Sequential Planet

    Structurally, the longest series of Remender’s career ends in a bit of a flash. Still, there’s enough room for tension, enough time to remind us all of how much we despise Brandy Lynn and Shabnam. And there’s space for genuine resolution, the sort of bloody poetic justice only former students of King’s Dominion can deliver. There’s even a series-spanning full circle moment, with Marcus’ teenage desire to assassinate President Ronald Reagan re-entering the mix. We see entire empires crash down in flames, stirring a media frenzy. But the tale ends in a quiet living room, with two lifelong friends laughing, toasting to sweet victory.

  • 100

    You Don't Read Comics

    Deadly Class #56 sticks the landing with an issue that is cathartic and emotional. Remender, Craig, Loughridge, and Wooton have done a remarkable job with this final storyline, and this ending is the best way imaginable to end this book.

  • 90

    Deadly Class ended today, and it delivered one more big surprise—and some additional meta-commentary—before it left. Writer Rick Remender and artist Wes Craig have a long history of crazy twists, elaborate battles, mind-bending page layouts, and challenging audience expectations. The finale has relatively few of those elements, but it’s arguably better for it. It’s virtually impossible to give a series like Deadly Class a perfect ending, so instead of trying, the team zeroes in on a couple of key ideas, making sure to craft a great issue of comics – even if it doesn’t seem especially concerned with being all things to all people.

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