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Deadly Class #53

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There’s nothing more beautiful than a total retreat from reality with someone you love in a place where you can leave behind all the noise, greed, and hate for a quiet and simple life. But does such a place truly exist? And if it does, how could the rabid monsters not come to destroy it?

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  • 90

    Sequential Planet

    Wes Craig’s renditions of our favorite Deadly Class characters as adults are incredibly well done. No one is ageless, and despite a few beer guts and wrinkles, no one looks absurdly wizened. Helmut is particularly impressive, bringing a lot of “Thor two years into retirement” vibes as he chops wood and cozies up with his (aww!) family.
  • 80

    As Deadly Class continues to close out in a bleak future filled with un-romantic outcomes, the series doesn't hesitate to twist the knife yet again. It's not difficult to trace where this issue is going from the moment a mission arrives in one surviving student's lap. Expecting a set up and watching it slowly unfold are two very different things, however, and it's the ways in which this issue ties itself back to the earliest arcs and key moments of the series that leads it to be so impactful. The action is tautly paced by Wes Craig and there are abundant ironies to be discovered in the minor and major tragedies unfolding in these pages. Only three issues remain and it's unclear if any former students will find an ounce of happiness when all is said and done
  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    Deadly Class #53 hurts. It hurts a lot, but that also shows just how good the creative team is and has been. Readers care about these characters, and Remender tears them down expertly. Craig and Loughridge do a fabulous job on the art, bringing all that pain to life.

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