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Deadly Class #50

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“A Fond Farewell,” Part Two
The conclusion of Saya’s story. Will she choose to take her place as head of the Kuroki Syndicate, or will she choose revenge? And will Marcus’ final act be to betray his oldest friend?

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31 pages
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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comic Crusaders

    “Deadly Class” is the type of series that streaming services would clamour for and can only provide a watered down presentation, because this is what comic books are made for. An title that can be picked up months and years in between life and still set the bar as the representation of high-level entertainment. Image might want to consider getting into film, action figures, etc because “Deadly Class” is the type of franchise that should not be allowed to ever die.

  • 100

    You Don't Read Comics

    Deadly Class #50 is a piece of classic Deadly Class greatness. Remender, Craig, and Loughridge have been firing on all cylinders in the last two story arcs, and this issue is a prime example of what makes this book so great.

  • 85

    Sequential Planet

    If this is the last word on Marcus and Saya, it lacks in finality. But the action sequences are the kind that will have you begging Remender and Craig to continue this wild ride for another 50 issues.

  • 80


    For all the ups and down of this series, #50’s razor-sharp focus saddens me that the series is ending…but excited to see where it goes in its final issues.

  • 80

    Deadly Class #50 is a great example of what a lettered can bring to a comic. Wes Craig’s art is brilliant, and the visual storytelling is virtually unparalleled. Still, Rus Wooten absolutely killed in some key moments, making his work stand out in a way few mainstream American comics expect.

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