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Dead Romans #6 (of 6)

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The battle builds to its climax with the beleaguered Legions facing thousands of Germanic warriors fighting to free their homeland. Honoria races back to Rome, duty in her heart above Arminius.

With victory finally within his grasp, Arminius wonders what a throne is worth when you’re left to sit alone.

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    Dead Romans is at its best when it’s focusing on atmosphere and letting its moody art-style tell a story drenched in blood and warfare, which is why this final issue probably works the best for me of what’s come so far from the Shadowline series. There are some truly ingenious action beats to be found in this finale, though it’s hardly a recommendation for the series as a whole. There’s big aspects to like about Dead Romans overall, but the characterization and story beats haven’t been enough to warrant the six issues in taking us back to the past. It almost feels as though Dead Romans would have worked better completely bereft of dialogue. As it stands, Dead Romans is a recommend for those die-hard enthusiasts of Roman history, but doesn’t have much else to offer the comic reading populace.

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