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Dead Romans #4 (of 6)

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Roman forces are withering from another vicious attack, confronting Honoria with the true extent of German brutality. In all this bloodshed, Arminius begins to wonder if his future kingdom will be worth the sacrifice without Honoria by his side.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Kennedy could be exploring deeper territory with the issue given the matters of the heart that he’s covering in the fourth issue of the series, but he’s wise to let the deeper resonance of the theme remain shrouded in the fog, just out of reach of the central conflicts. The central conflict feels more at home in the center of the panel than deeper concerns that rest just outside the spoken dialogue. Sometimes the language just isn’t dark enough, and the ugliest thing you can write about war can only be delivered by the artist.

  • 70

    While Dead Romans has had its ups and downs in studying these specific characters of the Roman Empire, Dead Romans #4 feels like the strongest of the series to date. The characterization could still use some improvements ultimately, but the artwork here and the brutal fight scenes to kick the latest entry off, do a solid job of showing the harshness of this world and the horror that can often be forgotten when it comes to eras long past. Dead Romans is able to find some footing here, so hopefully, this issue is foreshadowing of what’s to come and can maintain this level of quality.

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