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Dead Romans #3 (of 6)

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As the Romans attempt to break free from the rain-soaked Teutoburg Forest, Arminius sets his armies upon them once again.

In the wake of this attack, will Honoria be able to ignore the painful truth: that the man she most trusted has betrayed the empire they’re both sworn to serve?

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    One of the biggest problems with this re-telling of real-life events is that the series has yet to find an anchor that can really help sell the emotional weight of the battles that we are witnessing. Honoria’s story is the best that we get, but its relegated to a small percentage of the overall tale. Marinkovich’s art remains appropriately grounded and gloomy for the bloody battles held within the series, but the comic is simply lacking a big hook to reel in either history aficionados and/or comic fans looking for an action-packed romp recalling times long past. With the series only having six issues in total, Dead Romans needs something in quick order to spice things up.

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