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Dead Romans #2 (of 6)

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Honoria refuses to believe that her lover could have betrayed her—and Rome—by leading the German attack. But she puts her worry aside to defend the Roman camp from a band of raiders.

Arminius struggles to keep his forces united when the tribal bands of Germania begin to fracture beneath old blood feuds.

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    Dead Romans #2 immediately follows the fallout from the premiere issue's carnage, putting us in the driver's seat of Honoria. The artistic style for the Image Comic by Nick Marinkovich takes a more minimalistic approach to these new "final days" of the Roman Empire and it's the highlight in the second issue. Story-wise, it could use a little more "meat on the bone" but this feels like more of a feast for the eyes in this alternate history story. If you're a history buff or are looking for a solid story that plunks readers into the story of Rome, this might definitely be worth your time.

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