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Dead Boy Detectives #8

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After Charles and Crystal pledge to help one another in their investigations, the duo set out to prove that Charles’s father did not murder Charles’s mother, and to find out whether Crystal really can bring her lost friend Rosa back from beyond the grave.

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    DC Comics News

    The Dead Boy Detectives series is getting better with each issue and is rather fast paced, this issue like every other in this series will not bore any reader unless the concept of paranormal detective stories are simply outside of your tastes. Even then this series is worth a look. This issue especially is the most interesting by far simply for this philosophic exploration that it has prompted and I can’t see where this idea is taken. Isolde has only made a brief appearance in this issue but due to what she knows of Charles’ mother it’s safe to say that she is here for quite a few more appearances and there’s an equally great chance that this exploration through the eyes of those between life and death will become a well utilized device that allows for great commentary on the two greatest aspects of mankind, the two great unknowns.

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