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Dead Boy Detectives #1

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The dead boys head back to St. Hilarion’s, where bullying headmasters continue to rule the school. But when they investigate the lingering mysteries of their own deaths, they meet a young girl named Crystal whose tech skills and strange link to the undead earn her a place as a new detective.

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22 pages
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12 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Comic Vine

    How many times have you wished you were able to catch the first issue of a new great series? DEAD BOY DETECTIVES takes the characters created by Neil Gaiman and brings them back in their own series. Comics published by Vertigo tend to have a certain high level in terms of quality and this one continues the tradition. Toby Litt and Mark Buckingham do a great job setting up the story and introducing the characters to new readers. Buckingham and Lee Loughridge’s art and colors will blow you away. Don’t miss out on this comic.

  • 92

    Multiversity Comics

    The Vertigo line has experienced a renaissance of late, with new and diverse content from a variety of creators. Of course, its always a delight to see the return of old favorites, especially a world as rich as that roamed by the Endless. Litt and Buckingham have proved themselves worthy of playing in this sandbox, crafting a tale that is both fresh and reverent. The new year as only just rung, but believe me when I say “Dead Boy Detectives” is a serious a contender for best new series of 2014.

  • 90

    Bloody Disgusting

    An enjoyable fun read, “Dead Boy Detectives” #1 is a great introduction for newcomers to the teen sleuths. With a new cast member to keep things interesting, I can’t wait to see what happens between Edwin Paine and Charles Rowland.

  • 90


    A strong start to what looks to be a light-hearted, whimsical series tailor made for those fans looking for the fun in comics today, Dead Boy Detectives #1 is a must read for this last week of the year. 2013 wouldn’t have been complete without it.

  • 84

    Chuck's Comic Of The Day

    It’s a strong first issue from writer Toby Litt, and it’s always a delight to see Mark Buckingham’s artwork (here with Gary Erskine’s inks) – here’s hoping for more of the same.

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    Comic Spectrum

    Artist Mark Buckingham who’s past Vertigo work includes his long run on the Fables series does fantastic work again! If you’re familiar with his work on Fables, then you’ll know he used to add so much to the panels and margins in Fables, filling the page with creativity and beautiful framework. Here he takes that creativity to the word balloons and narratives. Each of the boys has their own style of narrative caption boxes that represents the era they’re from. Buckingham takes it a step further by giving Crystal her own style, which makes the book easy to follow as you learn each character’s style. There’s scenes in the book that have the caption boxes split, even within the panel. As this series goes along, it will be fun to watch all the different ways that Buckingham uses this style to tell this story. If you’re not familiar with these characters that’s ok, the creative team on this book does a great job through both the writing and the art to give you everything you need to enjoy this first issue.

  • 80

    Get Your Comic On

    Another dark story from a thrilling world, expertly written to give the reader an edge of the seat reading experience.

  • 80

    DC Comics News

    Thus far “The Dead Boy Detectives” is never without mystery and always leaves you asking Who, What, Where, Why and How. I recommend it to those who love a good mystery combined with clever humour.

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    Graphic Policy

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    Comics: The Gathering

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