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DC's Legion of Bloom #1

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How do you announce winter is coming to an end? You spring it on them! Welcome the springtime with a celebration of DC’s greenest and greatest. As the flowers bloom, breathe in that Swamp Thing smell. Watch the Blue Beetles fly out from Titans West. Pick a Captain Carrot or two from Floronic Man’s garden, but make sure to avoid the Poison Ivy. The season may go by in a Flash, but don’t worry-stories like these last forever. Oh, and Wonder Woman will be there, too!

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    Dark Knight News

    These seasonal anthologies usually follow the same pattern: one or two standout stories, one or two clunkers, and the rest somewhere in-between those extremes. DC’s Legion of Bloom breaks that mold. The Titans West, Flash and Swamp Thing, Captain Carrot, and Superman stories all stand out as something special. The other half of the stories are still quite enjoyable. There’s not a clunker or even a mediocre story in the collection, so this may be the best seasonal anthology from DC yet.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    The DC spring anthology is here, with eight new stories celebrating everything plant-related. So how do they compare to past anthologies? (…) Overall, not every story in this issue fits, but I do think this book as a higher hit record than the last few anthologies with a few truly exceptional ones.

  • 85


    One thing that is certain in the last five years at DC Comics is that they totally understand how to put together great anthology comics, especially ones like Legion of Bloom, out this week. It’s one of many holiday special anthology issues that celebrate one thing in different ways with different creative teams and different characters. With DC’s Legion of Bloom, it’s all about celebrating spring, plant-based characters, and in some instances, turning over a new leaf.

    There are eight stories that make up DC’s Legion of Bloom #1, which feature Batman, Swamp Thing, Wonder Woman, Captain Carrot, Blue Beetle, Poison Ivy, Titans West, and Superman. It’s an eclectic mix, which makes the reading experience nicely varied with plenty of different styles from the artists as well. (…) DC’s Legion of Bloom #1 is a nice way to celebrate the coming of spring. We’ve made it this far, things are starting to warm up, and even our favorite heroes have tough days, but there’s always tomorrow. DC’s Legion of Bloom reminds us where flowers bloom, so does hope.

  • 80

    Get Your Comic On

    A fun exploration of all the greenest and greatest plant-based characters in the DCU. The publisher once again proves it knows how to put together a blockbuster anthology, this time celebrating all things spring.

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    You Don't Read Comics

    Seasonal one-shots with DC can be rather hit-or-miss. Legion of Bloom is a particularly nice embrace of a new season. It feels a bit like a feverishly packed spring break from the big crossover with the Lazarus Planet and the emerging Dawn of DC shake-ups that seem to be coming down the line in the months to come. It’s a nice little break with a whole bunch of stories before things get serious again this coming summer and beyond.

  • 70

    But Why Tho?

    DC’s Legion of Bloom #1 has remaining stories that never manage to truly shine, but none of them are bad either. With fan favorites like Poison Ivy, Wonder Woman, and Blue Beetle getting into various styles of adventure, the rest of the book provides a good amount of variety through its stories, art, and lettering, even if none of them ever truly stand out.

  • 60

    Springtime may seem like an odd time to dedicate a one-shot to DC’s floral characters, but it actually works out pretty well here. These type of comics are always testing grounds for creators, who are given the opportunity to tell short tales featuring prominent heroes and villains. Some of these are one-and-done stories, while others appear to tease future storylines. It’s fun to see characters like Hawk, Dove, Blue Beetle, Swamp Thing, and Poison Ivy given the spotlight, and fans may even get to see some of these creators on more titles down the road. As far as my favorite story, that would go to Captain Carrot in “Babies’ Day Out.”

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