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DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #7 (of 8)

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Some of the most powerful entities in existence are now slaves to the Anti-Life. Undead Darkseid’s forces have spread the virus across whole galaxies. Even Kryptonians and the Flashes may be too slow in the race to cure worlds before everything is overwhelmed. The final stand for the universe begins.

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Dark Knight News

    DCeased: War Of The Undead Gods #7 is a triumph. While there are still moments of heartbreak, we do see the hint of there being true light at the end of the tunnel. We see characters who were previously villains join the side of the angels, and what they represent, plus the armies they command could mean that the tides are turning in favor of the heroes. Erebos and his unliving hordes had better watch out!

  • 95

    Lyles Movie Files

    Each installment of DCeased War of the Undead Gods has felt like the next big act in a movie. Something major is just around the next page.
    Writer Tom Taylor has continued to make this one off mini-series into one of DC’s most successful Elseworlds franchises. The penultimate issue kept the intensity, major heroic moments and outrageous action rolling. (…) Despite having such a massive cast, Taylor has done a commendable job of maximizing the characters’ big moments so everyone gets an opportunity to be in the spotlight. It’s wild how the DC title revolving around undead zombies showcasing some of the best examples of heroism in DC these days. (…) It’s hard to believe the DCeased ride is almost over for good this time as it’s been one of the reliable series since it began. With this cliffhanger it will be very interesting to see how Taylor and Hairsine wrap their trilogy.

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    Geek Dad

    The thing about this series is that death isn’t permanent—both for good and bad. Those who are lost rarely stay down and often try to kill their loved ones—but now they can be saved. The key question of fighting to save those lost or fighting to save the universe has largely defined this issue, and the stakes are deeply personal here. A lot of characters play starring roles here, but the best may be Cyborg—who started the series as a McGuffin and ended it as a hero. A showdown between him, Brainiac, and the anti-life virus has a great twist that may just turn the tide of the war. The ending, while it could have easily been silly in lesser hands, helps to set the stage for just how high-stakes this conflict is—so high-stakes that nothing else matters, even conflicts that have been raging for millennia. It’s hard to imagine how Taylor will bring it all to an end with only one more issue, but I’m excited to find out the answer.

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    The Fandom Post

    This is a pretty fun issue that lets things happen, though it avoids going for the big deaths like it could. Which makes sense as we’ve had so many over the course of the whole run and there need to be some dashes of hope along the way. I like most of the small character moments and the pivot we get with Brainiac adds some extra fun to it, as well as the fallout with Darkseid. It’s a solid installment that again looks great with so much fun action and emotion that’s tied well to the script that gives us a lot of good stuff. It continues to delight me as it has from the very first original installment.

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    In DCeased: War of the Undead Gods #7, Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Lucas Meyer, Andy Lanning, and Rain Beredo continue to do what they do best: make the DC Universe a hell of a scary place! Along the way, we get to see some wild sights, awesome character combinations, and characters shifting sides that will keep the conclusion up in the air for which side will win. Last issue’s reveal of Alfred Pennyworth as the Spectre was such an incredible moment and a perfect example of the wild mash-ups in this series. I hope Todd McFarlane is reading this series, as these would be some excellent action figures to have in a collection. (…) A couple of significant shifts in forces for the Undead will make for a good setup and conclusion. More Spectre/Alfred is always a great thing, and the creative team of Tom Taylor, Trevor Hairsine, Andy Lanning, and Rain Beredo welcome Lucas Meyer as they do wonders with putting the universe in danger.

  • 80

    DCeased: War of the Undead Gods’ penultimate issue finally turns the tide in humanity’s favor. The issues calls all the way back to the very beginning of this saga with Cyborg getting a chance to shine, something it feels like we haven’t seen since the end of the initial run. The final issue looks like it will shed the underlying tragedy of this apocalyptic story, leaving nothing but fist-pumping triumph. I simply cannot wait!

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    Comic Book Revolution

    DCeased: War Of The Undead Gods #7 set-ups the final issue of the DCeased trilogy to end in epic fashion. The way we got there didn’t always work but this issue made up for all the previous stumbles. We got big moments for Cyborg, Superman, and others that felt like true payoffs to what Tom Taylor and Trevor Hairsine have built with this trilogy of comics. Now, hopefully the finale will deliver a strong finale to the story.

  • 65

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 50


    War of the Undead Gods operates like a cheap action horror. It truly believes its big and gory action scenes are enough to supplement the flaws in the storytelling. While I find Alfred and Cyborg’s story arcs to be among its strengths, Undead Gods cannot put the hope back into this story. Additionally, the book is ugly, depressing, and wildly superficial at times. Yes, the zombie story has overplayed its hand, overstayed its welcome, and is difficult to enjoy. If this issue is any indication, the final conflict with Erebos will no doubt be a horrific battle that won’t mean anything at all. One can only hope to be proven wrong.

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