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DC vs. Vampires: All-Out War #5 (of 6)

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Betrayed and out of options, the pitiful remnants of the team head to a bleak and desolate Central City for one last Hail Mary as Baron Cinder’s terrifying lieutenants close in. Will a Marvel Family showdown at the end of the world snuff out humanity’s last hope, or will the team’s final desperate gamble pay off?

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    Geek Dad

    Things go from bad to worse this issue, as Slade and his motley crew of vampire-hunters are reeling from the fallout of Azrael’s turn last issue. Making things more complicated, Mary Marvel—their heaviest hitter—is being hunted by the deranged Shazam, who has been turned. The battle between the two of them is the highlight of the issue, leading to a shocking cliffhanger that leaves more questions than it answers. Any victories are temporary, and an attempt at a miracle salvation this issue goes horribly wrong. Overall, this series feels like a side story to the much bigger one going on in the main title, but it remains fairly compelling with dramatic fight scenes and some creepy jump scares. The Jack Hawksmoor backup is lacking, despite compelling writing from Danny Lore. It’s essentially one big fight scene featuring a character who rarely gets much focus, but it does have a nice twist ending that pays tribute to the history of the Authority.
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    Another win for Vs. Vampires is always welcome. The series is steadily turning around issue by issue. The artwork is pleasing to tear through and the interpersonal development of the characters has been gentle on subjects of grief and regret. Although, they have yet to convincingly resolve Azrael’s story arc or whatever Baron Cinder has planned. Hopefully it all comes together in the final issue of All-Out War.
  • 60

    The tie-in series prepares to wrap up its own misadventures before DC vs. Vampires concludes with the team shifting away from any world-saving stunts to focus on some more intimate drama and adding one last plot thread. Mary Marvel provided a sense of heart in a story filled with bad vibes, and the final act inevitably hinges on her own terrible predicament. Even painted in broad strokes, her odd friendship with Deathstroke proves charming, even if the ongoing story beneath it barely hangs together. Casting key turning points in flashback and immediately reversing new twists all make for a generally unsatisfying issue outside of Mary's two key interactions. The back-up feature focused on Jack Hawksmoor proves to be far more engaging, especially for fans of The Authority's most underrated character.
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    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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