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DC vs. Vampires #8 (of 12)

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The battle for Earth continues in this bloodthirsty series! The surviving heroes put their various plans in motion in their last attempt to save humanity! The Birds of Prey are out for blood and head back into the heart of the vampire kingdom: Gotham City! Supergirl must cross a vampire-infested ocean and Green Arrow’s mission is…just too horrifying to mention!

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    Babs, with Dinah, a freed Harley, and Frankenstein are on their way to Bludhaven.Ollie is heading to Smallville.And Kara and her band are going down under.The chess pieces are on the board. I liked this issue a lot as it gave us the backgrounds and motivations for our ragtag heroes to split up like this. And that art is glittery.
  • 92

    Comic Watch

    This book is a fun story, with pulpy art, vibrant colors, and stunning lettering choice, but above all else, is a great reminder of Schmidts talents and a portfolio for various books that he would crush if given the chance. Its an honest tragedy that Schmidt has never worked on a Birds of Prey series (either an ongoing or a mini), and every issue of DC vs. Vampires proves that a Justice League Dark with Schmidts visual of magic would be spellbinding. Hopefully just as DCeased gave Tom Taylors career a push, Schmidt will make a bigger footprint and get more opportunities to play in various parts of the DC sandbox.
  • 85

    Graphic Policy

    DC vs. Vampires #8 is another fantastic issue. If you haven't been reading the series, go out and start from the beginning. For those that have been reading, looks like it's game on and things are about to get wild.
  • 85

    Geek Dad

    Overall, this is really a transition issue, with it ending with three key groups of characters heading into missions that could determine the fate of the war. With only four issues left, I'm wondering if this is just going to be act one.
  • 75

    Lyles Movie Files

    Tynion and Rosenberg largely have the personal moments down and play a game of “can you top this?” with the gruesome deaths. The bar was set back with Zan’s death and nothing else has come close. Otto Schmidt’s art has been somewhat inconsistent in this series. Some pages look crisp with a high amount of detail while others are too loose. Daniele Di Nicuolo provides spot art relief on some pages and the fit is a strong blend with Schmidt’s style. This has been a recurring problem with the series, but it’s really time for the heroes to get a big win. Every issue finds the vampires adding to their body count while the heroes stay on retreat mode. It’s time for a confrontation where the good guys come out ahead for a change.
  • 70

    While the guilty pleasure series wherein heroes could be killed at any moment might have had a shaky start, it seems as if the comic pitting heroes against creatures of the night has found its footing. By throwing in some unique twists while also narrowing down its core characters, DC vs. Vampires has been able to have some amazing moments while simultaneously cranking up the tension. Excited to see where this one goes in the future now that all the pieces are in place.
  • 70

    Superman Homepage

  • 50


    A confusing follow up to Hunted, Killers, and All-Out War; DC Vs. Vampires #8 delivers on the little things, but fails at the bigger picture. Eight issues is past the threshold for reasonable doubt, and I am ready to demand more out of the writing. I can't defend how off the rails the narrative is getting by clinging to the things I enjoy about the art and certain characters. The story requires a stronger focus and more relatable themes overall. Tynion IV and Rosenberg should map out the story direction in a cleaner way before they completely loose sight of where it is heading.
  • 50

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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