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DC vs. Vampires #7 (of 12)

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The nightmarish second arc begins! The Earth is now cloaked in darkness as the victorious vampire empire has taken full control. Pockets of humanity can still be found, and they struggle to live but hope fades with every darker day. The leaders of the last surviving resistance force-Green Arrow, Batgirl, and Supergirl-hatch a desperate plan to save the world…or die trying!

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  • 92

    Comic Watch

    In a climate of Dark Crises, Flashpoint Beyonds, and Shadow Wars, which all claim to be the biggest events, and promise that the DC universe will never be the same, its refreshing to jump into a book like DC vs. Vampires. With issue 7, the book has proven that a simple story, amazing art, colors, and a fun, pulpy concept can mix and form a compelling read. For fans of DC characters or the fun sketches that grace Otto Schmidts social media, DC vs. Vampires is the book for you. Its nice to only have to worry about the continuity of six issues (or eight, depending on your tie-in opinions) instead of an entire decades worth.
  • 90

    Geek Dad

    The tie-ins have been hit and miss, but the main series is still top-notch.
  • 90

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 85

    Graphic Policy

    DC vs. Vampires #7 does an amazing job of launching the latter half of the event but at the same time making it feel like a starting point. For those awaiting the series' return, you'll be happy with the mix of action, drama, and so much more. For those that want to dive in, you can and you'll be sucked into the world. A fantastic start to the epic battle to come.
  • 85


    DC vs. Vampires #7 is another great chapter in a series that's more about seeing heroes die, become vampires, and interact in this alternate timeline. This issue has that in spades while building on how the heroes can turn the tide even after they seemingly lost everything.
  • 84

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    I do like how sort of drained and tired Schmidt makes Supergirl look. But I do like how she immediately becomes a leader. And I like how people pause and listen when she arrives. She is a respected hero, even in this group. Meanwhile, the revolution has a captive. A vampire Harley Quin is being experimented on by Professor Pyg. Perhaps she is a key?I wasn't expecting much from this. But the art is dazzling and the dialogue snappy. But the best thing was the feeling of respect people seemed to give Kara. I really liked that.So what do you think? And should I go out to get the first 6 issues?
  • 80

    Lyles Movie Files

    Hopefully at least one of these plans comes to fruition so the vampires have a legit battle on their hands instead of running up the score against a hapless opponent. This was an encouraging issue for a maxi-series thats desperately needed an infusion of suspense.
  • 80

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

  • 70

    The guilty pleasure of the DC Comic universe continues, with Dick Grayson now in charge of the endless hordes of the undead and a ragtag bunch of heroes and villains being the only ones to left to save humanity. Where universe ending stories like this excel is being able to put together a truly idiosyncratic line-up to face the darkness, and DC vs. Vampires is no different, introducing some interesting team-ups alongside some creative ways for DC's finest to protect the remaining humans. With the series ratcheting up the stakes, this is definitely a comic that you can sink your teeth into when all is said and done.
  • 60


    I binge read every issue of DC Vs. Vampires, and issue #7 radically changes the landscape of the series. The first six out of twelve issues may have set up these "dark days of future past, but the second half brings it to life. It is a beautifully designed book, despite the edginess of its apocalyptic makeovers. Coming from someone who thought I, Vampire was one of the most underrated books in the New 52, I think the vampires feel conveniently overpowered but underwritten. There are plenty of questionable choices that I'm still waiting to develop further before criticizing, but for now it is an easy recommendation.
  • 60

    Superman Homepage

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