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DC vs. Vampires #11 (of 12)

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Humanity’s final battles against King Nightwing and his vampire armies have seemingly failed on all three fronts. Who lives? Who dies?

As all hope is extinguished, will the surviving heroes be able to stop the extinction of the human race?

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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comic Watch

    DC vs. Vampires #11 begins its ending with a bang and multiple jaw-dropping action sequences that showcase the full range of the creative teams’ talents. Tynion and Rosenberg’s script starts to bring various plot elements and new elements that feel like organic additions, to Schmidt’s art that capture the electricity of kinetic action, and the coloring and lettering that reinforce the art and its clarity, this issue does not miss. It’s a tragedy that this series is coming to an end with the next issue, but one can only hope that it will share success like similar series DCeased, and see the creative reunite every few years to deliver more art and stories in the vein of DC vs. Vampires.
  • 85


    DC vs. Vampires #11 admirably progresses the major plots along, leading nicely into the event's brutal finale. The Bat-Family's battle in Gotham, Jayna's power upgrade, and Lobo's inclusion are all highlights.
  • 85

    Geek Dad

    Damian and his squad mostly cause some chaos, but it’s Lobo who surprisingly gets to steal the show. We learn a lot more about what’s happening to aliens in this world, and how the main man fits into it. This is an incredibly mercenary world, and this issue plays on that nicely. It’s not just the vampires that are a threat.
  • 80

    DC Comics' latest guilty pleasure is getting ready to come to a close, and where the series has shined throughout is demonstrated here far more brightly. (...) All the creators involved here, Tynion, Rosenberg, and Schmidt, are clearly having a blast and that fun is infectious, making for a solid penultimate issue.
  • 80

    Lyles Movie Files

    It’s the home stretch of DC vs. Vampires and while the series has felt like it’s been somewhat meandering, writers Matthew Rosenberg and James Tynion IV set up a focused finale for next issue. The action is wild and frantic with some nice character beats — it’s nice to see Green Arrow in a featured role in a big maxi-series — and Steel and Jayna have been low-key strong cast members throughout. Artwork is somewhat inconsistent. Some of the panels from Otto Schmidt with Francesco Mortarino and Pierluigi Casolino are loose and lack detail making pages come off a little sloppy.
  • 80

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    DC Vs. Vampires #11 came out last week, the penultimate issue of a series which has stretched my suspension of disbelief the longer it has gone on. Writers James Tynion and Matthew Rosenberg have created a world where vampires have utterly taken over the world. But some of the logic doesn't make great sense.
  • 79

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    DC Vs. Vampires #11 is well-paced, cluttered with suspense, and locks in on the action. The intensity is raised and I couldn’t help but find myself more interested than the past two issues. Additionally, fans will be pleased to discover the purpose behind the Australia angle while getting some cheeky banter from Green Arrow and Cole at the Smallville Prison. However, it was the main Gotham City story that seems like action-based fluff with no real purpose or agenda. When DC Vs. Vampires #10 came to a close, it looked like Batgirls’ plan to take down King Dick was established. Nevertheless, we saw almost no connection between the last issue and where they are now. Plus, with only one issue of DC Vs. Vampires to go, how is this creative team going to connect all these moving parts? Readers, it’s hard to tell three stories at once, give them enough air time, and connect those pieces together at just the right time. However, with one issue left, I think that should have happened by now. So, should you buy it? Well, if you’ve invested this much time and money to this point, then why the heck not? That said, DC Vs. Vampires #11 wouldn’t be the issue to make you want to go back and grab the trade.
  • 70


    Lately, my expectations have lowered on DC Vs. Vampires. As long as I can still have fun with the artwork and the concept, I can forgive the minor missteps in narrative and continuity. I really enjoyed the battle in this issue, despite it’s poor strategic layout. Despite my continuity concerns, I was happy to see Constantine actually survive. In addition, I think the strongest aspect of the series and it’s spin-offs has been the team building. Even the match-ups of the villain crews have been consistently interesting, regardless if it goes anywhere or not. Ultimately, I am glad the series is ending soon and hope the resolution is worth all the trouble.
  • 70

    Superman Homepage

    This is a fun chapter in the saga. Everything is coming to a head, and I am very intrigued to see how everything is tied up.
  • 50

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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