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DC vs. Vampires #10 (of 12)

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The war for Earth takes a decisive turn as the heroes prepare to strike back!

Can Supergirl and her team in Australia escape to space?

Will the Birds of Prey’s infiltration of Gotham City go unnoticed by the Vampire King?

Can Green Arrow save the human cattle from the Blood Farm?

The shocking answers await!

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10 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Comic Watch

    DC vs. Vampires #10 is an excellent escalation of the plots established in the last issue, translating the visual style of Schmidt into a moving pace that barrels towards the inevitable conclusion of heroes vs vampires. The scale and color palette of this issue channel the aesthetic of a DC crisis, and gives this series a fun dramatic core, as though it's a sense of pulpy counterprogramming to the mainline event taking place on the other end of DCs publishing landscape. With a strong script full of fully realized characters, dynamic art, and a powerful color palette, DC vs. Vampires holds up as one of the best books that DC is putting out right now.
  • 90

    Lyles Movie Files

    Given the prolonged nature of the vampires' advantage, the series probably didn't need 12 issues, but now that the heroes are striking back there's reasons to be excited about DC vs Vampires again.
  • 85


    DC vs. Vampires #10 will win you over with its conclusion and Batman-friendly message. This issue does a better job with subplots than the last issue, and everything progresses nicely.
  • 85

    Geek Dad

    This is a bit of a breather issue, but it does feel like the next two issues are going to deliver.
  • 80

    DC Comics' "Halloween Guilty Pleasure" returns to the world that sees heroes and villains alike fall before the vampiric scourge. With only two issues left before the supernatural story comes to an end, the players have made their way to their unique locations, as Tynion, Rosenberg, and Schmidt have a delightfully good time here. The build-up to the vampire war was a tad slow to start with, but now that its firing on all cylinders, there's plenty to like here. Introducing heroes and enemies that are now vampires works in that no character is exactly what you might expect as different factions have emerged. DC Vs. Vampires might have plenty of bloodshed to appease gore-hound readers, but its dark humor takes it quite far. The sheer spectacle of this supernatural series works well in its favor and I look forward to seeing if the creators can stick the landing while throwing more unexpected curveballs at readers.
  • 80

    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    This is a guilty treat. But sort of like cotton candy. Insubstantial. But enjoyable. There is a nice mix of nonsense and good ideas here. And the art is delightful.
  • 75


    The bad news is that this issue convinces me that the tie-ins have absolutely diminishes the quality of the series. The books may each have their individual merits, but every attempt to connect them has resulted in unnecessary anachronisms. In better news, Otto Schmidt's art might be slipping here and there, but every page is still gorgeous. The various teams and characters are entertaining and the icky vampires are still creative. Despite it's flaws, there are more reasons than not to stay tuned in to DC Vs. Vampires. I hope things continue to come together as we approach the end.
  • 70

    Superman Homepage

  • 66

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    DC Vs. Vampire #10’s fatal flaw has to be the artistic renderings and illustrations this week mixed with forced humor that doesn’t hit the mark. The incredibly dark reds, messy images, and sharp line work makes for a difficult read. Additionally, the (what was supposed to be) epic reveal from Babs wasn’t very epic, came out of nowhere and felt like something that could have been done many issues ago. If this is the true answer to taking down King Dick, I’m flabbergasted as to why now is the time and this is the way. The premise seems quite silly. And last but not least, the Green Arrow story is by far the best premise of all three but received little air time. However, not as little as the Australia angle which is practically nonexistent and almost pointless. Readers, I was holding out hope with how DC Vs. Vampire #9 looked that this series would finish strong. I absolutely loved the Green Arrow angle and thought Oliver was so bad$&$. Now, that angle was pushed aside and put on the back burner for the Batgirl Suicide Squad story that ultimately handcuffed the issue. If you’ve been following along since this series began, I can understand why you’re hanging in until the end. However, there is no reason to jump in now, and frankly, some of you may choose to bounce by this point.
  • 50

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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