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DC/RWBY #4 (of 7)

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The Grimm incursion has made its way to Metropolis and Team RWBY faces off against Lex Luthor!

But why is Lex at the center of the Remnant’s breach into the DCU?

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    You Don't Read Comics

    The series continues as the genesis of the crisis is revealed. There’s a perfectly logical reason for why everything is happening as it is, and it all seems to come together with some level of charm. Team RWBY articulates with the DC Universe in an enjoyable way. Given the right momentum, RWBY might even be a nice addition to the DC Universe as a whole. DC/RWBY doesn’t quite make the kind of impact it needs to form a truly novel connection between the two properties, but it’s been fun so far.

  • 70

    Geek Dad

    With each issue, this story brings in more of the DCU, with Wonder Woman teaming up with Team RWBY to fend off a demonically-empowered Cheetah. As Diana develops her own bonus power, the decision is made to quarantine Ruby, Yang, Blake, and Weiss so they can’t accidentally spread semblances. This only lasts one page until they’re magically summoned to Metropolis where Superman is fighting a Grimm. But it’s not Superman they’re there to see—it’s Lex Luthor. That’s where the problem with this issue comes in—far too much of it is just Lex monologuing about how he cut a deal with Salem to bring the Grimms and their powers to this world to change the balance of power. As someone points out, this is a little dumb for Luthor—sure, Superman will no longer be dominant, but he can’t ensure he will either. A new major threat emerges at the end, so the next issue should be more action-heavy.

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