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DC Power 2024 #1

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DC Power returns for round two with brand-new stories spotlighting Black characters from across the DC Universe by an all-star cast of writers and artists! N.K. Jemisin and Jamal Campbell return to the Hugo Award-winning world of Far Sector for an epilogue featuring the first meeting between Jo Mullein and John Stewart! The Signal, Duke Thomas, finds inspiration from an unlikely ally. Crispus Allen searches for purpose outside of being the Spectre-and goes to Renee Montoya for guidance! Thunder and Lighting (Anissa and Jennifer Pierce), cause sparks to fly at a community event crashed by the Condiment King; Raphael Arce learns the secret origin of the original Bloodwynd; Val-Zod, Earth-2’s Superman, contemplates the balance between his pacifist philosophy and protecting the people of his universe; and Nubia teams up with…Mr. Mxyzptlk?! All these stories and more, just in time for Black History Month!

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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    Nerd Initiative

    DC Power #1 is a celebration, a block party. It’s a stunning melting pot of heroic stories that bring out emotion and strength and tell a powerful story. We all wish we grew up with superpowers or abilities, and this issue shows that heroes can be anybody. I hope this is a comic that every kid grabs regardless of skin color because we can all learn from it. I loved this collection, and I loved how we visited heroes that don’t shine nearly enough.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    Overall, there aren’t any bad stories here, and all of them range from good to exceptional. Another win for DC’s anthology program.

  • 86

    The Super Powered Fancast

    Story 1: Enduring Farewells – A great follow up to the series that captures everything unique about the character and her circumstances.

    Story 2: The Spice of Life – A fun, funny and entertaining story that has some interesting stakes. The art style perfectly matches the tone of the story.

    Story 3: Pit Stop – An engaging and thrilling adventure that does a fantastic job of introducing the character to new readers while making the short compelling to fans of the character and his world.

    Story 4: Pure Blackness – A beautifully written and drawn story that showcases how unique Val is as a character.

    Story 5: Lost at Sea – An entertaining story with some great art throughout.

    Story 6: The Session – Thrilling, dark and engaging with a great story for its characters along with a dark and fun art style.

    Story 7: The Natural Order – A fun and entertaining short that has some fantastic art throughout.

    Story 8: Jump Shots & Loose Watts – An entertaining and inspiring short.

    Story 9: Fair Play – A thrilling and entertaining short story with great art.

    Story 10: The Light That Shines – A great story with awesome art that makes me want to see more adventures of this character.

  • 70

    The annual anthology of DC Comics’ black creators and characters in DC Power 2024 delivers exactly what is promised and showcases a wide array of artistic styles and storytelling approaches. There is an obvious highlight found in “Enduring Farewells,” in which writer N.K. Jemisin and artist Jamal Campbell provide a coda to their masterful maxi-series Far Sector. This story alone justifies the price of admission, even if later installments reflect the typical ebb-and-flow of quality found in large anthologies. An excess of narration is a consistent problem as writers attempt to squeeze complete stories into only a handful of pages. However, Cheryl Lynn Eaton’s “The Spice of Life” uses a frenetic pace to capture the relationships and humor of its characters very well, while defining both of Jefferson Pierce’s daughters. John Ridley, who has displayed a past penchant for over-writing, steps back in a reverie on Val-Zod in “Pure Blackness” that allows Edwin Galmon to capture this outstanding alternate-Superman. Other stories quality run closer to the middle of the road and readers will likely find themselves flipping through pages or paying careful attention based upon the characters involved. Overall, DC Power 2024 reflects a diverse lineup of storytellers under DC Comics’ publishing umbrella at the start of this year and makes it clear that this pool of talent contributes significantly to the ongoing success of the entire line.

  • 60


    For the most part, DC Power is fun. Some stories are heavy and seem to carry a chip on their shoulders, but others let loose and have fun with the material. My definite favorites are Enduring Farewells and Spice Of Life, but there seems to be something for nearly everyone. In conclusion, the book could be better, but these characters and stories shouldn’t only emerge in anthologies. If anything, DC Power proves that there are stories that need telling, and less than optimal outlets for their inclusion in something.

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