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DC: Mech #5 (of 6)

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The Justice Squadron is in pieces. The Green Lanterns and Flash have flown off to space with their mechs to face Darkseid’s forces head-on, still unwilling to trust Superman or accept his help. Batman will need to convince Wonder Woman that Superman is ready to rejoin their team, and time is running out. Darkseid’s forces are at their full power, and Lex Luthor is getting ready to unleash his ultimate weapon on the world… enter the biomechanical nightmare that is… B1-ZAR-0!!!

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  • 80

    Geek Dad

    The penultimate issue of Kenny Porter’s anime-inspired giant robot adventure delivers some solid action, as the heroes take to the sky one more time to try to fend off Kalibak’s invasion. This series often seems like it comes down to heroes sacrificing themselves for each other, and that curse strikes again this issue with another dramatic final act, but there is some solid characterization behind everything. (...) With only six issues, it doesn’t quite feel like this had time to set up its world and its characters fully, but it remains a fun side-story for the DCU with a lot of great visuals.
  • 80


    Ultimately, the artwork and story don’t suck. Each issue does its best to stay fun and actually manages to pull of a short but sweet adventure. The mech suit gimmick hasn’t lost its appeal, and most are welcome homages to other beloved franchises. The character development and simplicity of the plot may be the weakest points, but it succeeds on capturing the manga style. As far as penultimate issues go, this one sets the stage for one big colorful brawl against the biggest sourpuss in the galaxy!
  • 60


    Full of fun mecha robot action, but lacking the substance outside of the machines, DC: Mech continues to be style over substance.
  • 60

    Superman Homepage

    This issue is a step up from the last two and overall good. Unfortunately, it loses a whole point for the poor handling of a major death. If you are missing it, Porter is telling a fun Elseworlds story, and I am looking forward to the next issue's finale.
  • 50

    DC: Mech #5 continues this title's general trend of being style over substance, or more specifically, of trying to shove the world of DC into the box of another genre only to end up with a very mid result. This issue in particular sees a high stakes fight that features only part of the "team" if you can call them that who has largely defected from the idea of the team for what is supposed to be a hail Mary pass. (...) More problematically, this issue is paced almost as though it's on fire, meaning that we're rushing from element to element, beat to beat, trying to somehow frantically make any of this make sense with just one issue remaining. The art is okay, but again, by prioritizing style over substance, even that is sort of wasted.
  • 50

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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