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DC Horror Presents: Sgt. Rock vs. The Army of the Dead #3 (of 6)

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Rock and Easy Company have had some fun defending themselves against Hitler’s undead goons, but now it’s time for them to have a gas when they go on the offensive and head behind enemy lines.

And hey, speaking of gas, is that a flamethrower in your hands or are ya just happy to see me?

Time to burn it all down or die trying, Easy Company!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 92

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Campbell delivers great thrills and action throughout the issue. The characters continue to be fun and compelling. The setting continues to be engaging and the story delivers on tension, action and thrills on every page. The Art: Risso delivers some beautiful art in the issue. Risso manages to craft some visually tense moments that capture the tone of the story while also delivering blistering action that captures the eye and the imagination,
  • 86

    Comic Watch

    Job well done for the Sgt. Rock vs. the Undead team. Another great book and I am looking forward to #4. Hopefully, Morell will be caught by then. And maybe Sgt. Rock will have a plan to stop the serum from spreading.
  • 85

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    DC Horror Presents Sgt. Rock Vs. The Army of the Dead #3 is straightforward, easy to follow, and explodes with relentless, violent action. There are no deep twists or convenient, last-ditch, Hail Mary plays written in to give Easy Company the upper hand. This is done the old fashion way making DC Horror Presents Sgt. Rock Vs. The Army of the Dead #3 direct and honestly refreshing. Campbell thoroughly explains exactly what’s going on while Risso and Rossi perfectly balance his script with the some immaculate play-by-play. Readers, this is a war comic with Easy Company taking on Nazis, zombies, and Super Soldiers. There’s nothing under the surface here. If that’s your cup of tea, then go for it! It’s like going to see an action movie. You know what you’re going to get before you go. Don’t expect a deep, page-turner but prepare to get your popcorn ready with excitement!
  • 85

    Weird Science DC Comics

    DC Horror Presents: Sgt. Rock vs. The Army of the Dead #3 is pure entertainment from start to finish. Campbell nails the personalities of Easy Company's members and the joy they take in kicking Nazi Zombie butt. Risso and Rossi up their game with better visuals and exhilarating action.
  • 80

    Geek Dad

    Campbell and Risso’s strange history-horror hybrid hits the halfway point, and with it the heroes start to turn the tide on the Nazis. (...) This is a fun comic, one that never quite feels like horror, but that’s something Campbell is familiar with in his most famous franchise.
  • 80

    Some fun banter and solid action make for the best installment of Bruce Campbell's series so far.
  • 70


    DC Horror Presents: Sgt. Rock vs. The Army of the Dead #3 is pure horror B-movie bliss. All of the creators involved have armed this book to the teeth with excellent narration, dialogue, and action set pieces. Campbell, Risso, and Rossi accomplish their goal of providing escapist entertainment. Unfortunately, Campbell’s reliance on style over depth means this issue lacks the bite necessary for staying power. As a result, the action is fun but hollow. Hopefully, future installments will elevate the narrative above the run-of-the-mill Call of Duty mission.
  • 50

    Women Write About Comics - WWAC

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