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Dawn Of DC: Primer #1

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For years, Amanda Waller has seen the heroes of the DC Universe as a dangerous threat that could lead to the end of the world.

Ever since Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths, Amanda Waller has operated in the shadows to collect deadly weapons and to create an army of allies who agree with her. Now she’s forced to bring some of the worst enemies of the DC Universe an offer they can’t refuse.

The Dawn of DC Primer 2023 Special Edition, written by Joshua Williamson with artwork by Leandro Fernandez, reveals Dawn of DC’s secrets, threats, and connective stories in 2023 and beyond!

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    The free comics continue from DC Comics with this Dawn of DC: Primer that helps set up the next big thing to happen with the publisher’s titles. Interestingly, DC didn’t have this as part of their Free Comic Book Day lineup, but the separation and space should help break this issue away from the other comics. Joshua Williamson continues the Amanda Waller story teased at the end of Dark Crisis on Infinite Earths. What do these ten pages entail for us and the DC Universe?

    Artist Leandro Fernandez makes his DC debut in this short story with Daniela Miwa on colors. They present Joshua Williamson’s script from Amanda Waller’s point of view. Shoutout to the colors, as they give the story a dark tone that works for Waller and plays against the Dawn of DC initiative – in my opinion, that shows just how significant a threat Waller will be to the heroes. The tone helps to give Waller a stronger menacing appeal as she faces the leftover villains from Dark Crisis by herself, but she is such a force when she displays her abilities and offers.

    The quick story will continue in the Dawn of DC comics this year, and it will be interesting to see which titles and creative teams join in on the fun. A new artifact introduced will be wild to see, especially when it goes up against its “good” counterpart, and I can’t wait to see who will wear the item. The story comes together nicely to give us a glimpse inside Waller’s mind and help us understand her drive. She is strong enough to scare the villains into working for her, and her offer will entice them to make the heroes pay the ultimate price.

    Dawn of DC: Primer #1 is a free surprise this NCBD, and an excellent trip inside the mind of a ruthless tactician that will put the DC heroes back in check with her final solution. Joshua Williamson, Leandro Fernandez, and Daniela Miwa give Amanda Waller a mission that will challenge the Dawn of DC.

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    As a prologue for the big “Dawn of DC” event, Dawn of DC: Primer more or less does its job. Joshua Williamson gives readers an important piece of world building for the story, offering up a frustrated Amanda Waller who is just done with the heroes of the DCU and is now ready to take actions against them – from the shadows, of course. She turns to a cabal of bad guy assassins to do her dirty work for her and, in classic Waller fashion, is both manipulative and playing a larger game at the same time something that is juxtaposed with the mission that she has Peacemaker on. It’s a frustrating set up and that’s exactly the sort of feeling it should evoke. Leandro Fernandez’s art has a bit of a muddy quality to it, that works really well here, too. There’s a darkness to this issue that fits very well particularly when juxtaposed with the idea of the heroes being bastions of hope. It will be very interesting to see where things ultimately go.

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    Lyles Movie Files

    oshua Williamson, one of the core architects of the Dawn of DC era, crafts the story that comes off like a significant building block in this phase of DC comics.

    Amanda Waller has become frustrated with the actions of the heroes in the DCU proper and is taking steps to deal with them. First, she dispatches Peacemaker and some other operatives to procure a very dangerous weapon of mass destruction.

    Next she meets with a cabal of super villains and assassins hoping to convince them to partner with her. Williamson weaves a compelling case for Waller’s mindset and this doesn’t feel far off from her baseline portrayal.

    Artist Leandro Fernandez has a raw style that works better for Waller, Peacemaker and the assassins compared to the take on the superheroes, which makes them look too average and common. Colorist Daniela Miwa smartly goes with muted tones for this darker story.

    The rest of the issue is devoted to character bios with release information for the new titles.

    While some of the steps in Dawn of DC haven’t been the most exciting, this direction is intriguing and should be interesting to see play out throughout the DODC universe.

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